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9 comments on Ask-A-Pro: Cleaning Interior Windshield

  1. Joel says:


    That is great information!! I have been using Meguiars Natural finish interior. Would this be considered one of the “poor products” that does off gas? Is is a water based issue, or a solvent based issue? Thank you for your time and great information.


  2. Mo says:

    Wow, i was just thinking about submitting a question about cleaning the interior glass of my vehicle. I dont have this issue, but i tried to clean my glass using a clean MF followed by the DI MF Glass Polishing towel and still got a lot of haziness and streaks on the inside that are driving me absolutely crazy. how can i get rid of that? Thanks!

  3. Greg Nichols says:


    Question, is the hazyness from the product used to clean the glass, the towel is dirty?, or previous product is still on the glass??

    I would IPA the glass to start with a clean surface and see what that gives you, then try your product.

    Also to help know if the streaks are inside/outside on the interior wipe down left/right and on the exterior up/down. If you see any streaking going left/right you will know its on the interior…….

    Please report back what you find, your feedback will help others!


    • Mo says:


      Thanks for your reply. I used Chemical Guys Window Clean and 2 new/washed MF towels. I will say I am guilty of not rotating the towel as I used it, so that may have been the problem. I will try IPA this weekend on 2 new MF towels and see how it turns out. And thanks for the tip on the cleaning direction. I actually read that on here before and use it (up and down inside and side to side outside). I will let you know how it goes. Thanks.

  4. Ray Scott says:

    Greg, I took your advice and used a 50/50 solution of IPA on the interior windshield of my Jeep Wrangler. It not only gets outgassing from the plasticizers in the vinyl but it collects slat from the beach area where I surf fish. I would clean it 3 or 4 times with Invisible Glass and the next morning you would never lnow it. Well, not anymore. I covered the dash and used the IPA and 2 MF towels and it is crystal clear. Thanks.

  5. Fedora says:

    The most effective glass cleaner I’ve found for the haze on the inside of a window or a really heavy build up of grunge on the outside is Bon Ami. Wet a cloth, wring in out then sprinkle just a little powder on the cloth and go to work. It will leave a light powdery residue but that is easily cleaned up. I don’t know if it would be safe on windows with tint applied. This has worked for me when rubbing alcohol, paint thinner and acetone failed to touch the haze.

  6. Rich says:

    @ Greg – For the longest time, i’d say at least 10 years i would not only use paper towels on ALL my car windows but i would only go left-right until i read what you said about a month ago i believe going left-right and up/down and life has been a breeze – LITERALLY – i really wish i knew about this system years ago, but i guess the teacher only appears when the student is ready right, life is good – i’m a disabled vet and i can’t work so i am trying to do some detailing on the side and having a hell of a time here in the Boston area , ” Squeeeky Clean ” over and out.


    * Any suggestions ?

  7. Greg says:

    @rich getting going in detailing is a bit of a long term project. I would suggest you market towards some of the local Military groups. You will likely have to do a fair amount of tough jobs for little pay before you earn the trust of upper clients.


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