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The Multi-purposeful Klasse AIO – Why you need a bottle


Klasse All-In-One is a product that has been on the market for a few decades, and although it has a decent cult-like following among some enthusiast, it is usually not mentioned enough among all enthusiasts. Long term users will notice Klasse’s power as a “cleaning sealant”, and its longevity.

We will talk specifically about the All-In-One product. Klasse also has a pure sealant product, Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze, that does not contain cleaners and has truly outstanding longevity. Ivan Rajic from LUSTR Auto Detail in Chicago has a great article on the Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze and the tricks on how to use it.

While Klasse AIO is marketed as a chemical cleaner containing no abrasives, when used with the correct pad under the Dual Action Polisher it that Klasse AIO will correct slightly on softer paints, which is awesome. Since Klasse AIO is a very strong and long-lasting sealant, having some cleaning properties makes it double as useful.

This vehicle had never been waxed, much less washed properly, in 10 years. We were focusing on the interior, but decided to use Klasse AIO and an orange pad instead of just a sealant on a black pad. This is severely swirled paint, but notice even a little Klasse AIO makes quite a difference! We polished this entire car with this combination in under an hour. Here is our test section on the hood:

Notice the left side of the truck. Although far from perfect, for little more than the effort to wax the vehicle using the polisher, the results are quite outstanding:

This Acura was fairly new and had very few swirls. All that was needed was some Klasse AIO on a white pad under the Porter Cable Polisher and about an hour. The result is very good clarity and reflections for a fraction of the time. If you start early enough, before you get swirls on your new car, Klasse AIO is all that is needed to get the clarity the car should have.

Although KAIO is a great sealant, it is always fun to add more layers. You can layer any further protecting product over KAIO without issue. Eric Schuster from Envious Detailing in California writes about Layering Paint Sealants in this article. Optimum Opti-Seal or Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical is a great choice. The interior carbon fiber in red Ferrari below received Supernatual Carnauba Wax over the KAIO for extra depth, although pictures were taken before the wax was applied. See our review of Dodo Juice Supernatural wax here.

Here we will go over some ways to use Klasse AIO specifically. Other than the obvious uses on exterior paint, Klasse AIO can be used in areas that might not seem so obvious.

Windows: Klasse AIO helps to deep clean window surfaces, both sides. As it hazes it can be wiped off clean from the glass, removing stubborn VOC buildup from inside front windscreens, smudges, and fingerprints. Beware, it will take some effort to work it into the glass, and it will probably take a second application, but will leave a super slick glass surface that resists getting dirty again. Once Klasse AIO sets, or “flashes”, it can be stubborn to remove. Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner is the best glass cleaner we have used, and another great multi-purpose product that does much more than just clean glass. Use Glass Cleaner here to get the rest of the Klasse AIO off the glass. It will not remove the protection. If anything, reapplying Klasse AIO the second time you will not have to work it in as hard, will use much less product, and can wipe off sooner and more clean. Be careful on tinted windows. Klasse AIO is advertised to have no abrasives, but the definition of this is not standardized. The cleaners could impart scratches to your window film. Test on an inconspicuous area if possible (there are not many inconspicuous areas on windows!). We have used Klasse AIO successfully on ceramic and high quality film as well as the cheap tint my Honda had. No scratches so far, but still do a test section on yours first and make sure it will not scratch your film before using!!

Clear engine covers similar to an Audi R8, rear engine bay glass like on Ferraris and this NSX, benefit greatly from Klasse AIO on their clear portions. Klasse AIO will help deter oil vapor buildup and other nastiness the engine lives among.

Mirrors: Klasse AIO is great on the rear view mirror inside. Use a MF towel and fold an edge to get into the crevice around the mirror glass and the plastic trim. Door mirrors benefit from Klasse AIO’s cleaning properties and water repellency. I find my mirrors fog up less with Klasse AIO, although Klasse AIO is not an anti-fog agent.

Interiors: Apply sparingly onto smooth plastic trim, work in, and wipe off. No need to let haze. Wood trim, metal-looking trim, and plain black plastic trim looks deeper, more even with Klasse AIO and feels slick. I have used it on my “soft-touch” rubberized coating in the buttons of my Audi. Worked great! Radio controls, Nav screens, Gauges, AC controls, buttons, trim around steering wheels, shift knobs, shift gates, center consoles, upholders, sunroof switch clusters, overhead lighting, grab handles, any hard smooth surface can get Klasse AIO wiped on and off, except the dash panel. The amount of sun baking the top of the dash gets will make any Klasse AIO in the grain turn white and will be visible. I will use a General Purpose MF towel, dab a corner with some Klasse AIO, rub with this corner and rub clean with the rest of the towel, changing the towel after a few sections. Go over one last time with a clean towel. Klasse AIO should not damage leather, but try to keep a tidy edge. Klasse AIO is great for cleaning seat belt buckles, and helps keep them clean from thereon after.

Here we are applying Klasse AIO to all carbon surfaces in the cockpit:

Not bad for a few minutes with some Klasse AIO and a terry cloth applicator or foam applicator:

Door jambs feel nice and silky after an application of Klasse AIO. If your trunk lid and hood are clean enough, apply Klasse AIO to them as well. Klasse AIO can last longer than most spray sealants, and cleans further as you apply.

Wheels: Use as a light bug and tar remover for the barrels of the wheels. Seals wheels pretty good.

Engine Bay: Use Klasse AIO on any and all smooth surfaces. Carbon trim, or aluminum structural members are good candidates for Klasse AIO:

Driver side airbox has Klasse AIO, passenger side airbox does not. Even on pristine carbon, the addition in gloss is noticeable.

You will want to keep KAIO off textured plastics as much as possible. I wouldn’t go as far as taping my mirrors to apply KAIO with the Dual Action Polisher, but I will keep a good eye on my edges around those areas, or just apply by hand. Any sealant or wax with a cleaner component in it will turn white as it bakes in the sun. We have all seen white marks on trim from previous wax applications, or caked into crevices now white and very fond of the vehicle. This is the most commonly seen sign of poor application as it stands out in most colors and typically is just as bad throughout the rest of the vehicle. KAIO will leave a white residue if not removed. It becomes more fond of the trim with more sun exposure and time. Black WOW does a great job at breaking down white stained trim. Fade2Black works for less severe cases. Either will require various applications over time depending on the severity of the stains.

Klasse AIO works by cleaning and protecting in one step. It requires mechanical work to put on and get off. It layers very thin and strong. But it must be free of residue. Klasse AIO is a unique product in that it has one of the widest ranges of usage of any detailing product, and it does all of them quite well. It definitely has a space in anyone’s detailing kit or product arsenal. And once you have it, look into other places where KAIO can be useful. I use it inside the house as well. But that is the topic for another article 😉

Marc Harris and Jacob Bunyan
Auto Lavish
Rochester, MI

19 comments on The Multi-purposeful Klasse AIO – Why you need a bottle

  1. KC Detailing says:

    Great wright up! I’ve never seen anyone wax the inside of the window. My guess is the windows look amazing! My guess is that it is possible to do this same thing with any AIO sealant? Just can not use one that has abrasives in it?

    Are there any other products that are made with ant-fogging agents that actually work well?

    I have often wondered if there was any kind of sealant that can be used on the dash board. Have you tried anything?

    • Marc Harris says:

      Thanks, KC! Although I have not used many other All In One type products, I would assume you are correct. If in doubt, do a small test section, or try it on a beater car first 😉

      I know there are anti-fogging agents on the market, but I have not done any research into it, yet.

      For the dashboard a sealant will need to work differently. The plastics have VOCs that need to vent out of the material. So sealing as in paint would not be the best thing to do. Good vinyl conditioners are available and work excellent. I use a routine of Aerospace 303 half the year and 1Einszett 1Z Cockpit Premium the rest of the year on my babied E36 M3.

  2. Robert Geco says:

    I started with Klasse in and about 1985. Because there was little information on the product the cleaner and sealer only that it was for acrylic surfaces. I went to Zymol and then back to other products experimenting with new water base finishes.”what is the terminology when you say (AIO) what does that mean. Can I use my Dewalt dual action polisher on good paint. what setting do you recommend “Speed” on good to fare paint. I have some show Ford mustangs a 1987 which Is orginal paint and I think is acrylic finish and an orginal 1995 Ford Must cobra white not sure of the paint make up from for other than it need the fiberglass hood and top of both fenders polished.

    Are you the distributor and can what do you recommend on a black Mercedes-Benz single stage 040 black orginal. the car has been under cover in our back yard with two covers retired because we have a German Shepard and decided to fix the Toyota Corolla as our better car which has not paint left to polish on the hood ,roof and trunk.

    Please advise me what I need I also have A Makita BO40 I just purchased and standard Dewalt multi speed polisher. Believe it or not I am retired because of back and medical problems. I have been in the business 39 years before I had to close up shop I was a DIY and had a very good clientele. I miss the business . This information is for my own cars and my wife’s cars. Keeps me happy just to do some thing.
    Warm Regards
    Robert Geco

    • Marc Harris says:

      Robert, thanks for reading! You have many questions that each would warrant a long response. Let me answer the ones regarding the Klasse. As far as polishing and tools, I will have to look into it. But I know there are many articles within this blog that can answer most of those questions.

      AIO, All-In-One, is the marketing term used for a product that does the job of both cleaning, polishing, and sealing in one product, in generally one step. Klasse excels in the sealing, is good in the cleaning, and is mediocre in the polishing. Other products such as Meguiar’s D151 do the same things, but its aggressiveness is much higher. It polishes deeper, but doesn’t finish down as fine and is not meant to be a cleaner at all. Its sealing longevity is also less than Klasse AIO. However, it sounds like you will definitely need a product much more aggressive than Klasse AIO for polishing. Older paints are typically harder than more modern paints, so I would definitely consider a different polish than Klasse AIO. Optimum Poli-Seal is also a great product that will polish much better than Klasse AIO. You could start there and see if it takes care of the paint enough for our likings. It is very easy to use.

      Another option would be this: Meguiar’s New Microfiber System, and would greatly increase your results for polishing. The finishing compound works very well, as Chad Raskovish and Ivan Rajic say in their articles here and here and would be a better match for your needs than Klasse AIO.

      Hope this helps. Keep busy, and I hope the health gets better!

  3. Justin says:

    Marc – I never tried Klasse. How does it compare to Poli-Seal in your experience?

    • Marc Harris says:

      Hey Justin,

      I haven’t used the Poli-Seal much. But I believe it cuts much more than Klasse AIO. Some reviews in Poli-Seal here, here, and Todd Cooperider uses it i=on a vehicle here.

      If you do end up getting some Klasse AIO, let us know how you like it 🙂

  4. Jon Miller (TOGWT) says:

    [Although KAIO is a great sealant, it is always fun to add more layers. You can layer any further protecting product over KAIO without issue.]

    Its my understanding that Klasse AIO is a paint cleaner, how do you layer a cleaning product?

    • Hey Jon,
      Thanks for taking a look at our article as you know we’re fans of your in-depth and very informative detailing articles ourselves!
      We either weren’t clear enough in the article, have you confused, or a combo of both.

      If you re-read what you quoted, you’ll see we’re saying that the sealant nature of KAIO is nice, but you can layer OTHER sealants over it if you choose. Of course the cleaning nature of this product means it doesn’t really layer over others, and what we were trying to get to was that you can use Klasse All In One as a base to other products. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Mo says:

    How would Klasse AOI work on a Black Corvette? Does the fact that it is fiber glass make a difference?

    • MO,
      The structure of your Corvette isn’t as important as the paint type that is applied to it. Depending on the year, Vette’s are known to have some pretty hard paint. This mean that you won’t get a big turn around on the paint work itself like you would doing a multi-step polishing session, but it will likely add some correction and nice gloss to the finish.

  6. Marvin Shaffer says:

    I have a 2007 5th wheel RV with smooth sides that have long swirling decals. Would Klasse AOI be a good or bad? I have done some research a found only reference to auto, boats and airplanes not RV’s.
    Good article with a lot of information, will use it on my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 that lives in the desert.

  7. John Zalc says:

    Would Klasse acrylic sealant be safe to use on the textured black lower cladding on my new 2014 ford escape. I found it to be great on the cladding of my caddy srx.
    Back in 1985. Waxes did turn the black cladding whiteish. But now all I use are the 2 Klasse products.

  8. Carol Kalandyk says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your website. We purchased a new outback, & did not want to pay 900 dollars to have a clear coat application. I’m a 72 year old woman with bad arthritis and the Klasse-all-in-one is wonderful. It applied as easily as you said, looks & feels great. Have recommended your site to friends. Just one question, can I use Klasse-all-in-one on the black panels on the bottom of the car? Again thanks for your in depth information on application. Carol K

  9. Garry says:

    This might be an old thread, but I would like your opinion, if you are still checking posts occasionally.

    I have a 2014 BMW 535i M Sport with the carbon black metallic paint. You mentioned “hard” v “soft” paint and that the Klasse AIO might not clean or polish quite strongly enough on “hard” paint (like you mentioned with the vette). Any idea how “hard” or “soft” the paint on my vehicle might be? Would Klasse AIO, followed by Klasse Sealant Glaze be a good choice for my paint? Thanks!

  10. Steve says:

    I’d like further clarification on what “textured plastics” are? In the segment on interior uses, it seems fit for a variety of materials yet in the second to the last paragraph warns it could stain certain types of plastics or trim. On the Klasse USA website they say “Since it is non-abrasive and does not contain any silicones, it will not stain plastic, vinyl, or rubber trim pieces.”
    So I’m curious what “textured plastics” could be stained? As a new user of this product I’m excited to see its results but certainly would like to avoid having to go back and correct a problem that could have been avoided. Thanks!! This website is gold mine of valuable information for a newbie to detailing!!!

  11. Edward Schuetzle says:

    I began using Klasse AIO, and Klasse Sealant Glaze when I bought my new 2002 Ford F150. I used to try to do an application every fall, and one in spring. With aging, and injuries, I now do one application per year, but try to do at least a couple coats of sealant. (That pickup seems bigger every time I do this.) I still have people telling me my truck looks brand new. I began doing my truck a few days ago, it still has lots of shine and protection from a year ago. Klasse is inexpensive as the local auto shop waxes, or sealants, because my 1st bottles of 16 ounces lasted over 8 years. A little goes a very long ways. Highly recomended. I just wish I knew more about the two bucket system of washing, when I bought the truck. I have a few swirls, but have never allowed anyone else to touch, or wash the paint.

  12. Scott Croes says:

    Thank you for all the information you have supplied – great website. I applied Klasse AIO about 7 months ago to a 2018 F150. I have been extremely satisfied with the results. I am getting ready to apply again and was wondering if I need to use anything to remove the previous coat of Klasse AIO? I know that it has the property of cleaning but will the reapplication of the product remove any of the remaining coat as a new layer is formed.

    Thank you for your time.

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