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15 comments on Ask-A-Pro: How To Get a Wet Look On My Show Car?

  1. Rick Bishow says:

    Can wax be applied over a sealant? If so, would wax enhance the shine when applied over a sealant? Thanks! Rick

    • Rick,

      Yes, wax can be applied over a sealant. Depending on the wax/sealant combination, it may enhance the look. On others, it may just look different. I have had good luck applying Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura over Blackfire Wet Diamond (after allowing the Blackfire to cure at least 8 hours before topping it with wax).

  2. XMAN says:

    I am new to the detailing business, loving it though. I just want to know can I perform a complete paint correction on a black car without using a rotary? I have PC 7424XP and a CYCLO. Can I produce a professional job?

    • Well it depends on how hard the paint is, but yes…you can get very good results with a PC even on a black car. Take a read through my tutorial on using Meguiar’s M105 and M205. It is geared towards PC usage, and gives recommendations on how to get the best results with your PC. You can also achieve great results with other polishes as well if you prefer something like Menzerna.


  3. Johannes Lo says:


    Could i add EZ Creme Glaze than Sealant than a Wax??

    Is Menzerna Finishing Glaze PO115C abd Creme glaze the same ??


    • Yes, I top EZ Creme Glaze with a sealant all of the time. As for topping that combo with wax, it really depends on the sealant and wax…some play well together, and some don’t. And for some sealants you might even want to lightly wash the car first (after applying sealant) to make sure that all residue is removed to help to prevent any streaking or smearing of wax. The Menzerna and Chemical Guys glazes are similar products, but definitely not the same.

  4. Todd B says:

    Thanks for all your great how-to articles. I have just completed a polish, glaze & seal on my 08 Black Mercedes. I used Menzerna’s ceramic polish with a Lc white pad to mostly great effect. There are some areas that need additional work with deep scratches. What would you recommend? I have tried a LC orange pad with the same polish to no effect. Also, how abrasive is the ceramic polish compared to others?

    • Todd,

      It depends on which Menzerna polish that you used. You may need to step up in aggressiveness, but keep in mind that when you do, you’ll then need to then step down to a finer polish afterwards to refine the finish (especially on black paint). But if you used something like Super Intensive Polish on an orange pad and still need more cut, then you’ll need to switch to something like Menzerna Power Gloss or Meguiar’s M105 compounds. Keep in mind that some defects may simply be too deep to fully remove unless you sand them out (which isn’t always the safe route to take).

      I hope this helps.

  5. Kostas Skourtis says:

    Dear Todd,

    First of all, like so many others, I admire your work and knowledge and by the way you respond to every question you show what professionalism and courtesy means.

    To achieve both a wet look and durability I am thinking of going down this route: wash, clay, polish/jewel with Menzerna and flex 3401, CG EZ glaze for wetness, then FK1000p for durability and finally Raceglaze 55.

    Have you worked at all the EZ / FK1000p combination and if so what do you think? Any suggestion will be deeply appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Kostas Skourtis

    • Thank you kindly Kostas!

      Your plan sounds pretty good, however I don’t have experience with FK to provide you with any feedback on it. Likewise, I don’t know that you’d want to top it with yet another product as it could potentially reduce the durability of the FK.

  6. Kostas Skourtis says:

    Thank you very much for the reply Todd!

  7. Tito says:

    Have you heard of FK1000 and their claim that their sealant can protect for up to a year?

  8. Mandrese ayaz says:

    Dear todd i bought a new honda vivic with company glass coating . I notice a lot of swirll marks on it the colour is red now what should i do clear them

  9. Jim says:

    I have sun damage on the top surfaces of both door on my 2004 corvette. I purchased paint as a do it yourself project but I’m not sure if that is the best way to go. Most of the car’s paint is perfect. It’s just that area that is exposed to direct sunlight that needs work. Can you advise

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