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BMW 645Ci in Jet Black – Hybrid Paint Correction Detail


In January I was sent down to Naples, Florida to do a paint correction detail on a brand new Lamborghini Performante. While I was down there my client also had a Jet Black BMW 645Ci that needed some love. Unfortunately I was so involved with the Lamborghini I didn’t have time to work on it, so once I moved down to Naples it was the first car that I performed a paint correction detail on in Florida.

While inspecting the car I found your typical defects: swirls, straight scratches from towels, deeper scratches from car washes, and a lot of contaminants in the paint. After talking to my clients we agreed on performing a hybrid paint correction detail. This consists of compounding the top surfaces of the vehicle to remove all of the defects and only polishing the bottom surfaces to remove light defects. I started out with your normal Grit Guard 2×4 Wash Method followed by decontaminating with CarPro IronX and then finally claying with a DI Ultra Fine Clay Bar. I went with the Ultra Fine Clay Bar because I knew that Jet Black was notorious for being a softer paint but even using this clay bar caused a little marring.

Here are the before pictures:
























As you can see this thing needed a lot of love. I taped off a section of the hood and started testing. Jet Black is a very strange paint to work on. The light defects come out very easy like a soft paint but the deeper ones take a lot to get out like a hard paint. This can be a challenge – trying to find the perfect combinations when compounding and polishing. I started out using a Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc and Maguiar’s D300 Correction Compound. After a few passes, a lot of pressure, and the right technique I was able to get all of the defects out. Now it was time to find a polish that would work. This can be tricky on this paint because it polishes like really soft paint. I ended up using a Black Finishing Pad with Sonax Nano Paint Cleaner. This is a great product on soft paint and is an all-in-one product so it also provides protection. While polishing I was testing buffer speeds and pressure as I was going. I found that a slower speed and medium pressure was giving me the best results. Sonax Paint Cleaner has a lot of oils in it which can make it tricky to remove from the vehicle. The best way is to use a Great White Microfiber Towel while constantly flipping sides to absorb the oils from the paint. Using the proper amount is also essential to easier removal. You don’t need a lot, this much easily did half of the hood and then some:


Once I found the right combo that worked on this paint I got down to business on the rest of the car.

While I was working I took some great 50/50 shots so you can see the drastic difference I was making:











Since I was only polishing the bottom surfaces I used Sonax Paint Cleaner on those as well. Although it did not take out a lot of the deeper defects it still made a big difference:


I want to show you guys the difference that the Sonax Paint Cleaner made after compounding. I got the paint to finish down pretty good when I was compounding but there was still a little bit of a haze to it. Here is a 50/50 of the front fender before and after polishing. As you can see the right side is a much deeper black and has more clarity.


So after about 15 hours of compounding and polishing we finally ended up with some pretty clear paint.








Of course we have to have a ton of sunny Florida shots!!!









And some great reflection shots!!! I even caught a jet flying over in this first one.






And finally some full car shots!!!








This car was 6 years old and has had a few years of washing abuse, but with the right techniques and products I was able to bring it back to life and make it look better than when it rolled off of the line.

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Addison Good of Good Guys Detailing
Addison Good
Good Guys Detailing
South Florida

13 comments on BMW 645Ci in Jet Black – Hybrid Paint Correction Detail

  1. Patrick says:

    Great revival Addison! I need to pick up that sonax paint cleaner!

  2. Nathan says:

    BMW Jet Black paint is my nemesis! Nice job on a VERY DIFFICULT surface. I am always interested to see what one can do with this paint. Any issues with the clear-bra and the MF pads? You don’t mention a final protective layer…the Sonax does have some Carnuba in it, but I have wanted to add a little extra “on top” of that. Last week, on my Phantom Black Audi, I did a light EtOH wipe-down after the Sonax Paint Cleaner and followed with Blackfire Wet Diamond Sealant. That worked well, but I don’t know if the BMW Jet Black would tolerate the EtOH without marring…Thanks again!

    • Addison Good says:


      I didn’t use the MF discs on the clear bra. I just polished them with sonax paint cleaner. You dont want to use anything real aggressive on the clear bra material because you can damage it. I have been using sonax paint cleaner for a while and have found that it actually hold up for a while as a protectant.

      This particular car had very soft paint so marring probably would be an issue with the method you are speaking of.


  3. Brad says:

    Holy Cr@p Addison!

    What a great Job! Thanks for the tips on BMW Jet Black paint. I just recently used the Sonax Nano Tech Paint Cleaner for some light swirls and marring on my Jet Black 2011 5 series and I was impressed at the correction ability and the finish it left as well.

    Thanks again for the great write up and awesome pictures! There is no other color that is as beautiful on a clean and expertly polished car. Again phenomenal job, and welcome to

  4. Greg Gellas says:


    Awesome work! That Jet black paint can be a pain to work with! The after shots are AMAZING!

    Greg 🙂

  5. Addison Good says:


    It is a great product and havn’t found anything that finishes down so nice on really soft paint.

    Thank you for the warm welcome and the kind words.


  6. David McElroy says:

    Curious why you use the Meguiars DA compounding and not their DA finish wax after. Did you find better results with the Sonax rather than the DA wax? Paint looks pretty sweet, I will have to try the Sonax after the DA compounding and compare the differences. I love the Meguiars DA finish wax, and I kinda use it as a AIO like the Sonax for quick paint cures on my low end details. Thanks for the info, always looking to better my game, and you guys have helped tremendously.

  7. Justin says:

    I just did the exact same proecess on my Kona Blue 2011 Mustang 5.0 a few weeks ago. The D300 finished down nicely, and cut right through the rids and buffer trails left by the dealership. When I did my test after compound the D301 wasn’t as effective at removing the haze compared to the Sonax. I opted for Sonax on a black pad like above. The Soanx is definitely tough to remove, but I found light passes slowly removed the product. I would then use a second towel to do the final wipe.

    Since the Florida sun and summers are tough on just carnauba AIO’s like the Sonax, I will be giving it another CG Citrus Wash, checking for any lingering defects, and going with Blackfire, and a carnauba over that. Blackfire itself didn’t like to bond to the Sonax (expected as Blackfire shouldn ‘t be applied over a carnauba).

    Good work Addison.

  8. Smdetail says:

    That looks fantastic! I love the Mequiars MF system. However I have had issues with the velcro staying on the pads. Regarding the Sonax I wish I had that outcome. I used it on an 08 Audi A8 and spent more time trying to remove. I know jet Black is a pain and you made it look better than new!

  9. Kevin says:

    Damn! That looks amazing. And I totally agree with you and the jet black being really strange. I had a chance to play with Jet Black and it totally kicked my butt!

  10. Ben says:

    Why would jet black be softer than other colors when all you are polishing is the top clear layer which is the same for all?

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