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Boosting Protection with DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss!


DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss

DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss is a spray-on ceramic coating that promises a quick and easy way to add shine, protection, and slickness to your car’s paint. But does it live up to the hype? I took the time to give this product a test and refresh the existing coating layer on my vehicle.


Easy to apply: Ceramic Gloss is very user-friendly. Just make sure the surface is clean, apply the Ceramic Gloss to an applicator or the surface, and wipe away with a microfiber towel.
Effective: Ceramic Gloss does a good job of adding gloss and shine to paintwork. It also leaves behind a slick surface that can help repel dirt and water, while lasting up to 6 months.
Pleasant scent: Unlike some other products, Ceramic Gloss has a pleasant scent which makes application that much more enjoyable.
Affordable: Compared to other spray on ceramic products, Ceramic Gloss is a very affordable option. At $19.99, it is a budget-friendly way to give your car a nice shine.


Durability: While Ceramic Gloss is easier to apply than traditional ceramic coatings and lasts a good amount of time for the type of product it is, it should not be confused as a standard coating. Traditional ceramic coatings can last for years, while Ceramic Gloss may only last a few months.

DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss Beads


DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss is a good option for car owners who want an easy way to add shine and protection to their paintwork. It is easy to use, affordable, and leaves behind a great-looking finish. However, if you are looking for the most durable protection possible, you will need to look into a true ceramic coating application. If you do go that route, Ceramic Gloss is a fantastic topper for more gloss, depth, and protection.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to wash your car thoroughly before applying DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss. Any dirt or contaminants on the paint will prevent the product from bonding properly.
  • Use a microfiber towel that is clean and high-quality.
  • Apply Ceramic Gloss on a cool surface and preferably in a shaded area. Avoid applying it in direct sunlight.

4 comments on Boosting Protection with DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss!

  1. mark hecht says:

    can i use this on a car i have already put a ceramic coating on ?
    ,and how often can i use this on the car that already has a ceramic coating

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Mark – Ceramic Gloss can be used as a stand alone protection product, or on top of a coating to help boost protection. I used this on top of the Gtechniq EXO v5 which I applied last year. Ceramic Gloss lasts about 6 months, so you should use it after a wash around 2-3 times a year. Hope that helps!

  2. mark hecht says:

    thank you
    1 more question
    i am kinda of a nut when it comes to cleaning my cars
    how often can i use it on the car,lol
    I clean my cars every saturday lol

    thank u mark

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Mark – Ceramic Gloss lasts around 6 months, so I would not apply every week. If you are just performing a maintenance wash, you can apply every few months. If you are performing heaving cleaning (degreaser, tar remover, etc.) you can apply a new layer.

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