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Product Overview: Ethos Pro Shine Ceramic Detail Spray


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This article is written by Tim Coats of Ethos Car Care

Our Ethos is to offer unique and innovative products to the detailing industry. If there is a product that we feel is already a great segment for the market and we can’t find a way to improve or offer a new or unique feature, we simply don’t offer it. This is why creating a detail spray was a uniquely challenging endeavor. With the countless offerings available (many of which have similar characteristics) it was important for us to offer a unique approach to this detailing staple.

Early on in the development, we asked ourselves one question. What are customers looking for in a detail spray? As a detailer myself, I personally use a detail spray in my shop on a daily basis and want a product that is extremely easy to use on any surface. A product that offers immediate results without needing a cure time or wait period. A product that doesn’t streak, smear, or have any compatibility issues on coatings or PPF. And most importantly a product that provides instant shine, slickness, and a little bit of protection behind.

Ethos Pro Shine Ceramic Detail Spray is arguably one of our most versatile product offerings in its ability to do just about anything well. Quick detailing spray? Check. Coating Topper? Check. Clay Lubricant? Check. Drying Aid? Check. It’s one product that during our testing phase we kept running back to the lab to make more because we loved using it so much.

Ceramic has certainly become a buzzword in recent years. It gets tossed around in marketing or added to products simply to try and differentiate them from others. Our Ethos is to not include an ingredient that we feel doesn’t offer to the performance or usability of a product. The reason we added Ceramic ingredients to our detailing spray is because of the great success we’ve had formulating with our proprietary Insta-Bond technology (Also found in our Defy and Resist). This technology gives us the ability to incorporate a unique air curable resin that leaves behind slick and durable protection.

In addition to its performance, We really wanted to make Pro Shine extremely enjoyable to use. Having worked with dozens of color and scent combinations, we finally nailed down a bright and mouth watering combo that is sure to stand out. Mulberry & Plum scented with our UltraViolet coloring makes Pro-Shine both eye catching and mouth watering.
Now Pro-Shine isn’t going to replace your full blown ceramic coating or is going to waterless wash your off road vehicle. It will have some limitations, but what it is designed to do it will do well and assist detailers in a variety of situations.

It’s a product we are proud to offer and believe it is a great segway for consumers looking to try Ethos for the first time or for our current customer base to add another versatile detailing product to their arsenal.

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2 comments on Product Overview: Ethos Pro Shine Ceramic Detail Spray

  1. How do u use as a drying agent

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Harry – You spray it onto your drying towel, or directly onto the wet paint to help add some slickness when towel drying!

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