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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport by Esoteric Auto Detail!


The Bugatti Veyron not only landed a knock-out blow to the rest of the exotic automotive world when it was introduced back in 2005, but it also became one of the most iconic and talked about supercars ever produced! With its 8.0L, quad-turbocharged W16 motor producing a staggering 1001 hp that made it capable of a top speed just shy of 254 mph…this car was the real deal.

Fast forward a few years, and Bugatti introduced the Veyron Grand Sport, which is a removable hard-top version giving exclusive (esoteric!) owners the ability to enjoy top-down driving at insane speeds.

Now typically my full-detail articles showcase a car, and all of the steps and products necessary to make an already good looking car even better. The before and after photos are always a big hit, and you could always count on learning something as you read through the writeup. This article however, will be a bit different!

For those who typically just scroll through all of the photos instead of reading the details (let’s call them the Playboy crowd!)…you’ll appreciate this article. 🙂

Having said that though, I will take the opportunity to provide a bit of a lesson that not only appeals to detailers, but really just about anybody. The lesson here is in networking!

I regularly work on networking in order to reach and make contacts with as many people as I can from all walks of life and industry. I’m constantly reaching out to those in the automotive industry and the media in order to promote what we in highline detailing industry do. The more coverage we get, the more educated the general population is about proper detailing, and thus the stronger the industry becomes.

While going through potential new contacts on Linkedin, I came across the Director of Bugatti NA and saw this as a great opportunity to reach out. Once I learned that we both attended The Ohio State University, I figured that we shared a commonality other than just our love for cars, and worked on building a relationship accordingly over the course of a year or so. Well long story short, the Director had plans on bringing a car to Columbus for a show and a few media drives, so naturally he got in contact with me about a visit to the Esoteric Auto Detail Studio 47 facility, and to have their demo car detailed to prep it for the upcoming events. Had I not put in those networking efforts in the past, I may not have received that phone call!

So the lesson here is to continually network and build up your base of contacts. You never know when you may get the opportunity to help them, or when they may be able to help you. And when you’re building your network, keep in mind that you can potentially open doors to their networks as well!

Anyhow…on to the Bugatti!

When the car arrived, we knew that we had just a short period of time to get it looking good. This wasn’t a full-out paint correction detail, but rather one where our goal was to do whatever necessary to make it look as good as we could in the few short hours it was in the shop (about 9 man-hours worth of time total). So a full wash, wheel-cleaning, and interior detail was in store, along with some spot polishing, metal cleaning, and waxing to add some protection. We wanted to make sure that when the media and the general public saw it, the car looked like it was brand new and not one that had made its rounds on the media and test drive circuits.

So when we arrived at the shop early that morning (7am!), our delivery truck was waiting to unload the special package.


Once inside the detailing studio, we proceeded to washing and wheel cleaning. My staff was kind enough to work while I snapped photos.  🙂



Once that was completed, I proceeded with some spot polishing to freshen up the finish a bit.


These cars have a lot of people getting in and out of them, so we needed to pay attention to all of the little details as well to make the car look “new” again. The foot scuffs on the leather interior (not an easy car to get in and out of) were all cleaned up nicely with just Leatherique Prestine Clean.


And in a few short hours later with 3 people working on it, the Veyron Grand Sport was ready to show!











I love this shot!





The interior on this car was absolutely stunning!






The Esoteric Crew!









And now for the best part (for me, at least)! When we were done detailing the car, the Director asked me if I’d like to go for a drive. The decision wasn’t hard, so off we went. To say this car is crazy, cool, fast, or handles well would be an understatement…I think a better way to sum it up would be to say that it’s just plain ridiculous! And to make this story even better, we pulled over at one point, and he told me to drive…I obliged! 🙂

Despite the fact that this is a car capable of 254 miles per hour, and runs from 0-60mph in about 2.5 seconds, it actually makes a fine car to drive around town. It was not high strung at all like you might expect. But put your foot on the gas, and be prepared to have your breath taken away from you. It’s really THAT fast…

So when we returned, John and I took the opportunity to snap a photo together in hopes of capturing my ear to ear grin!


I hope you enjoyed the show!

A special thanks to John and to Bugatti USA for the opportunity!


Todd Cooperider Esoteric Auto Detail
Todd Cooperider
Esoteric Auto Detail
Columbus, Ohio

28 comments on Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport by Esoteric Auto Detail!

  1. Ivan Rajic says:

    Great article and a well deserved opportunity! Keep up the good work my friend.

  2. Bob B says:

    Excellent article Todd, and a beautiful detailed automovile. Your smile was very noticible after driving a 2.2 million Dollar mechanical jewel.
    When you are good, you are good, after seeing this car delivered to your shop we know now that you are the best in the industry.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article and pictures.
    Keep these articles comming, they are much appreciated and very informative for us detailing amateurs. Best Regards.


  3. Stelian says:

    Great job! Congrats for you and your crew! The resulsts and pics are amazing!

  4. Pete says:

    Great article Todd…congrats on the rewarding opportunity you had thanks to the hard work of networking

  5. Ethan Heisler says:

    This is amazing Todd!
    Is that the same car that was in the dispatch? I saw it driving about a mile away from my house and was in shock!

  6. Joe says:

    Other than one of your assitants wearing his pajama bottoms to work… the write up is nice! That is a great color combo for that car. Pic quality is amazing!

  7. Marco says:

    Insane gloss and clarity in the finish. Great article Todd, thanks for all the knowledge you give us for free 😉

  8. Clint Allerton says:

    Todd and his team do excellent work! Keep it going!

  9. Nathan says:

    leapfrogging off a prior comment on this article…I am always surprised when I see what you are wearing durring your details! Blue jeans with a belt buckle seems to be your usual. I would’ve assumed that you would wear something soft and metal free just to avoid those possible bumps and scratches. I suppose you don’t find the metal to be a problem? You are likely better and more careful than I am….

    • Nathan,

      If I’m not wearing a detailing apron (usually not in photos…it hides my shirt logo!), I’m at least un-tucking my shirt so that it covers up a belt when I wear one. But once again, I try to look “presentable” when I take a photo so you may see something different than when I’m actually working and not posing. 🙂

      I go to great lengths not to rub against the cars, regardless of what I’m wearing because at the end of the day…just about anything can and will scratch / mar the paint! So all of the efforts I take not actually touch the cars with my body most likely has something to do with the lower back pain I have.

  10. Mark M Detail says:

    WOW! Todd As said “World Class” Great Photos, Great Gloss and Great Article. Maybe on a Bugatti USA brochure. All the Best.

  11. Jimmy F says:

    Amazing job as usual! Words can’t even explain my jealousy at the fact that you not only had the pleasure of working on this car, but riding in it and driving it as well! Just curious..what tire dressing did you use? I was impressed with the happy medium achieved between a glossy and matte finish.

  12. Ray Scott says:

    Well deserved opportunity to ride and drive this awesome machine. You certainly deserve it as your tutorals and procuct recommendations have made me a much better detailer and I thank you for that.

  13. Tomato says:

    Ayyy Caramba!!! What a beauty I’m sure it makes the Ferrari feel like Ford Focus 🙂 JK I know you love them F cars Todd. Read through your write up about networking and I do appreciate the tip. Car came out beautiful as I’m sure it truly enjoyed all the attention it received while at the show.

    Congrats Once Again

    DFW 🙂

  14. Vitaliy says:

    Nice work! A ride is well deserved!

  15. Joe V says:

    That color combo is stunning! Incredible detail job as well for one of the most iconic cars out there. I think every “car nut” in the world has probably dreamed (and I highly stress the DREAMED) about owning a Veyron at one time or another. Just driving one would be a dream come true for almost anyone. Heck, sitting in one would fulfill most people’s dreams. A beautiful piece of machinery, and a job well done on the detailing, especially in the short time frame you had to do it.

  16. Kevin says:

    nice job

  17. Michael says:

    I just saw that car today. Being unloaded from an enclosed carrier parked in front of Los Gatos Luxury Cars (they sell Aston-Martins, Bentleys, Rolls, Ferraris, Lambos, etc.).

    That is a spectacular car to see, even if its for a few seconds.

  18. Spike says:

    Awesome Todd, this car was in Tampa today for a filming of Top Gear, it looked great!

  19. Susan says:

    Nice post, here….I am looking for a product to clean the interior leather of my employer’s 2008 Veyron that JUST arrived at the house that I manage for him. The transport truck dropped it off with smudgy hand prints on the outside AND the inside of the driver’s door. Probably where the guy that delivered it had to put his dirty hand when he was crawling in and out the window getting the car out of the transport. (Heavy sigh) But there is this nice big black smudge on the cream colored leather–probably greasy to boot! What product do you recommend for trying to clean this mess?? HEEEELLLLLP…

  20. Mike Chong says:

    Hi Todd my name is Mike, I have just left the army after 22years, I got into car detailing after watching my friend do it and wow what a big difference you guys make it blows me away, I am 45 now got a great family pensions and very happy, but one thing is missing the feeing of achievement, the thing you did to make a differerance to someone life. I have detailed sum great cars now and I know I have the passion back,but it’s just getting that break over here it’s very hard, the way I was brought up in the army if you don’t ask you will never know, so Todd am asking you would you give me job? Mike. Ps your work is so professional.

  21. Mark says:

    Spectacular!! Simply remarkable! I plan to be attend EEDA in June…Its been a long time since we talked in 2013. Go Bucks! Your are simply one of the BEST, Todd!

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