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Product Review: Detail Factory TriGrip Brush Set Video


Source: YouTube

We have some new detailing brushes to discuss today, the new Detail Factory TriGrip Brush Set. I conducted the first test on my wife’s VW Tiguan steering wheel which was in dire need of a thorough cleaning. Right off the bat, I was really impressed by the comfort of the handle and the softness of the bristles. The brushes performed well around sensitive gloss black components, dislodging dust and dirt while effectively cleaning the soiled leather.

“The Detail Factory TriGrip Brush Red is designed to help you clean various surfaces on the interior or exterior of your vehicle. The original Detail Factory Synthetic Brush was extremely popular due to the super soft bristles and comfortable grip. With the TriGrip brush, Detail Factory took their original brushes and enhanced the grip, making it even more comfortable! The rubberized triangular grip area is designed to be balanced, reducing fatigue and increasing overall comfort during use. When cleaning areas like the navigation screen, gauges, dashboard, buttons, knobs, vents, painted areas around emblems, etc. they are not only sensitive but hard to clean with all of the edges, nooks, crannies, etc. The long bristles will help you reach all of these areas, easily removing dust and dirt. The chemical-resistant handle and ultra-soft synthetic bristles withstand various cleaning chemicals and the metal-free construction helps avoid any possible scratching. Step up your detailing game with the Detail Factory TriGrip Brush Red”

Detail Factory TriGrip Brush Set Specifications:

  • Ultra Soft Bristles
  • Chemical Resistance Bristles and Handle
  • Non-Metal Construction
  • Ergonomic comfortable TriGrip Handle

Video Transcription:


Hey guys, James here with Detailed Image today, we are back on the Tiguan and we are going to go over and review the Detail Factory’s, Tri-Grip brush set. A lot of new products coming out from these guys you know, kind of testing out these brushes for the first time and just kind of getting a feel for them right out of the gate. Definitely one of the most comfortable brushes I’ve ever used that tri-grip, you know, design that allows you to kind of have almost like different points where you can put your fingers definitely makes brushing fun really comfortable a little bit of info on this particular brush. So a non-metal design, very rubber somewhat, somewhat, somewhat flexible handle. All the bristles are synthetic chemical resistant as is the handles chemical resistant as well.


So if you throw them in a wheel bucket or something nasty that is just filled with wheel cleaner or soap and that kind of stuff these are definitely going to hold up. Well, there is also hooks at the top where you, or hole, I should say for a hook where you can hang these up and let them dry. So if it’s, if you’re in like a detailing of, if you have a detailing business or if you’re an enthusiast maybe you can just place these in your garage when you’re done with them, let them dry out what that water fall down. I think very well thought out brush. I was kind of, I was talking with some of the guys here at the shop and we were talking about, you know, the difference between this one and kind of your standard boar’s hair brush and like right out of the gate, the handle is worlds different, much, much more comfortable.


Like I was saying in the bristles are really, really soft. And when I talked with the guys over at the Detail Factory, you know, their thought and for what this brush was designed for is, and why we’re in inside the car right now is the, the components of the interior that are sensitive and kind of working around those areas. Like here we are, you know, we have the steering wheel and there’s gloss black. There’s some brushed aluminum there’s leather. So there’s a lot of different materials. And typically if you had a stiffer bristle brush, you’re worried about scratching these sensitive areas. And I think that’s where this brush is going to come into play is being able to kind of dislodge a lot of that dirt without scratching the absolute, you know, the gloss black areas. If any, you know, I’m sure many of you have experienced like sensitive materials, whether it be like carbon fiber or gloss black, or, you know, kind of in this car, there’s almost like a, like a gloss gray trim.


Over time it can definitely get scratched just from us using the car. We don’t want to make it worse in, in, in trying to clean the car put scratches in that we don’t want. So that’s where these brushes I think, are really going to come into play. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to clean this steering wheel, go over the, the leather go over some of the other components around the gauges and stuff, and kind of put these brushes to the test. So what we’re going to do first is we’re going to spray a little bit of interior cleaner directly into the brush.


And then we’re going to slowly agitate the area around the leather, around the gauges and kind of work that cleaner in a little bit, kind of get developing a little bit of a lather, just like I touched on before. Just a very, very, very comfortable brush. And we’re going to wipe this way wipe this away with a microfiber and kind of see what we got. But to kind of sum these up a little bit if you’re looking for a new detailing brush, something a little bit different, something you haven’t maybe experienced before the Detail Factory Tri-Grip detailing brush set might be definitely something consider very, very comfortable, extremely soft bristles. I can also see this brush, this brush coming into play, not just in interiors, but also on, you know, around emblems on the exterior. You can use it as a wheel brush for the wheel face, so extremely versatile and definitely something to take a peak at guys really appreciate it. See you on the next one.

James Melfi
Holliston, MA
Facebook | Instagram

1 comment on Product Review: Detail Factory TriGrip Brush Set Video

  1. David Hart says:

    It never showed him removing the dust from the gauges!

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