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Business Owner Etiquette And Community Networking


Business Owner Etiquette And Community Networking

Write A 5 Star review for your favorite small businesses that you patronize. Think about how much this means to you when someone not only leaves a 5 Star review but goes into detail about his or her experience with you.  In addition to it just being a good way to be as a person in business, those experiences give you a more empathic understanding of the consumer experience.  By that I mean you will have more of a clairvoyance of how to run your business and have better insight to make the review process seamless.

Perform A More Consistent Evaluation Of Who Is In Your Circle

Running a detailing business for the long-term mandates a certain level of emotional intelligence, accumulation of various skills beyond detailing, and networking savvy.  Dealing with negative people whom you can no longer relate to can be draining.  One of the best ways to evaluate yourself is to analyze the people in your circle.  Be honest with yourself about the people in your life.  Are they full of negative energy?  Do you have a sense of admiration for the people in your life, being around people who bring positive energy into your life?  Are they honest with you?  Encouraging and unselfish in wanting to see you successful?

Networking Locally With A Business Owner And A Veteran In The Detailing Industry

Connecting with local business owners is wise because you will be amazed how many people who visit an auto-body shop, mechanic shop, or auto customization shop asking, “who details?” or “who is the best detailer you trust?” Learning from someone with a similar business model provides clues to where you need to make changes.  Some of the best lessons in business came from the stories of people in my position who experienced similar struggles over time.

Compete With Class

Someone asked me about a competitor who is possibly doing better than me.  He mentioned a frustration about the presentation of his interior service packaging.  I said I know him, and he appears to be a good guy.  I actually defended him from a detailer’s perspective.  He probably chose him over me.  But I am at peace with the outcome.  Part of the reason being he was likely not going to agree to have the service provided for my price.  I do not apologize for who I am or how I price my services.  But I would like to think my non-scarcity mindset has made many loyal clients who have happily paid me $2,000 and $4,000 in detailing services.

A word on actively engaging in negative energy attacks towards specific competitors.  I am competitive and operate to win.  With that said I am more interested in communicating what I am versus what another company isn’t.  Also attaining every customer is not a victory.  I will say why I am the better option than any of my competitors assuming we are on the same page in terms of fit for my detailing services.  There are businesses regionally whom I often referred a client to (vice versa).  I have some good relationships with some of the detailers near me.  I also have some owners who clearly have taken some veiled shots at me via social media and engaged in some behaviors that some would say are in poor taste.  I have been told I am the best at what I do by multiple clients of mine.  But I am more often complemented by my clients for my character, which means more to me.  How you treat anyone is how you are with everyone.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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