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How to Create Superfan Customers


I want to make something clear; this advice should not be used as an excuse to avoid new customer acquisition.  A lot of people say it is ONLY about word of mouth. Many of those people had to be sold via marketing, advertising, and sales.  Once you have a client (then yes) they are your best repeat customer and proverbial voice for your business.


It should be obvious, but genuinely caring about the value you provide in the services that you offer should be your foundation.  This starts and ends why you exist; passionately believing in what differentiates you from most others.  It includes the experience of customer service before, during, and after the detailing.

The following might come as a surprise to some.  For many of the people who booked with me in this detailing blog, the process started without an expectation of a sale and or a conversation acknowledging what I might NOT be able to do.  Often in those moments I could sense their guard dropping.  I did not even realize the car (pictured above) I would be detailing until arrival.  Trust starts when you are being authentic, which also means not telling someone what they want to hear.

Matching Your Vision With Your Clients

I have no problem with people’s standards of what they would put their name on.  But for the (perfect paint crowd) do you have a comparable standard at all for educating them on after care maintenance?  I find a common inconsistency here.  Ask yourself did they learn something about detailing from a conversation with you?  Did you learn anything about your new customer?  I could talk for a few minutes about several clients of mine, from their passion about their cars or non-car related topics.

The Human Connection

It is more than the detailing.  Timely updates during the detailing process enhance the overall customer experience.  Sending before and after pictures not only adds to the experience, but your client can also include them in his or her review.  Gifts can go a long way to forging a bond between you and your clients.  It does not have to be the most expensive item in the world.  But a gift that is practical for your client tends to garner appreciation.

Reasonable To You Compensation

A lot of people, including some who you perceive to be your customers, do not want to hear the following sentiment about value and price.  But charging more allows you to provide a higher quality service and experience for higher value customers.  Your low prices may still not be deemed to be reasonable enough for people who might not have been truly sold on detailing anyway.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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