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CarPro D.Quartz – SEMA Show 2022


SEMA Show 2022 CarPro DQUARTZ

The last day of SEMA and CarPro saved the best for last, the CarPro D.Quartz diamond infused coating! You heard that right, DIAMOND infused for the first ever coating that will offer mechanical resistance to swirls and scratches. This release is extremely exciting and you can check out the entire press release from SEMA Show 2022. Below.


World’s first nano-diamond-infused ceramic coating. In the pursuit of perfection, we have developed a truly innovative formula based on a siloxane nano-diamond fusion and a proprietary silicon resin, which make D.Quartz the first ever coating to offer mechanical resistance to swirls and scratches. Car paints are getting increasingly softer and we have finally developed a technology to combat it. D.Quartz is the first ever ceramic coating, which utilises Functionalized Detonation Nano Diamond Powder to increase surface pencil hardness by up to 5 points! The pencil test is a common method to measure the hardness of paints or coatings. Essentially it checks which standardised graphite (1H, HB, 1B, 2B, etc.) will be hard enough to scratch the surface. As always, we steer clear of the popular, yet physically impossible claims of extreme Mohs scale hardness, and giving you the real facts. If your paint has a rating of 1B, D.Quartz will push it up 5 levels, going as high as 3H. Looking for ‘groundbreaking’? This is how it really looks like. This incredible new technology is enabled by the carefully controlled size and spherical shape of our nano diamond particles in combination with their activated surface structures. This allows the diamonds to electrostatically bind to the other ingredients of the coating, as well as the surface itself. In essence, D.Quartz isn’t just a regular ceramic coating with a cool additive known for hardness. Diamonds are an integral part of the D.Quartz nanostructure.

D.Quartz can be used as a standalone coating for automotive paint and will produce the same results when used on metals. Beyond the hardness improvements, it packs strong chemical and environmental resistances, as well as our greatest pride and joy – slickness and self-cleaning. Nevertheless, during testing we have found D.Quartz to truly excel as a base coating topped with C.Quartz Professional, which increases hardness by an extra point on the pencil scale and brings CQ Professional’s unrivalled performance into the mix. For now, D.Quartz is available exclusively to certified installers, but we are working on a consumer-grade version. So stay tuned.

CarPro D.Quartz

CarPro D.Quartz 2

November 4th, 2022 | SEMA

4 comments on CarPro D.Quartz – SEMA Show 2022

  1. Jimbo says:

    Ok, very cool! Just a couple questions:
    1. How long does it last?
    2. When it eventually fails and needs to be removed, will polishing it off embed more scratches, as it is, after all, infused with diamonds?

    • Reece @ DI says:

      D.Quartz is a CarPro certified installer only coating, so you can expect a durable layer of protection. We do not have an exact durability measurement yet, but are looking forward to hearing more about this item, along with a consumer level option once it is available.

  2. Mike says:

    Why not just offer one version. I have used professional and consumer coatings and find them both to be just as easy to apply. The problem is detailers like myself do not apply enough ceramic coatings to make it worth taking a class. Most people do not want to pay the added expense of a ceramic coating so I only do 2 or 3 coatings a year.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Mike – Many manufacturers offer certified installer only coatings. These coatings are generally a little more finicky to apply, but more durable than most consumer level coatings. They also provide an exclusive option for customers who do not perform their own detailing, along with a higher-level offering for professional detailers. Many also have some type of warranty that can be offered to customers as well. While many consumer level coatings are fantastic and used by many, professional only coatings offer another option for those seeking it.

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