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Carpro EcH2o: A Potentially Forgotten Gem


I originally did not show a great interest in this product several years ago as I am not a big fan of using waterless wash products on a regular basis.  A Waterless wash is a spray on exterior car cleaning product versus a traditional wash soap which involves to rinsing the product off.  Even for those who cannot use a traditional bucket wash, a rinseless wash is a safer alternative from my perspective than just a waterless wash.  A rinseless wash includes a wash bucket, but not a hose.  Although it was formulated to be a waterless wash it can be used as a rinseless wash as well.

Carpro EcH2o is found to be more popular and easier to work with as a rinseless among many of the people who rave about this product.  It is also an SI02 product, meant to be compatible with the Carpro coating line up of products.

CarPro Ech20

For those that are looking for more in depth or a refresher on how to use a rinseless wash, I have links to these articles below:

I wanted to test its effectiveness and value on a road trip for the holidays.  I will wash my car prior to making a long highway trip.  My focus is on primarily the bugs guts that hit our car on a long trip.  Part of my holiday maintenance plan involves a rinesless wash solution in wash bucket with a gamma seal lid.

wash bucket

The gamma seal lid is essential to keep my reading made mixture safe for travel.

If you are going to Rinseless wash, I am a major fan of pretreating the car. This is spraying a waterless mix of the product on an area and giving it 20 seconds to a minute before performing the rinseless wash.

The intention behind this approach is similar to foaming a car prior to a traditional wash with a hose.  After performing a rinseless wash, I followed again with a waterless and dry microfiber to help dry and pick up missed spots.  No bug remover or all-purpose-cleaner was used.  Also, it helps (regardless of how you wash) to remove bugs from your bumper SOONER than later.  If the convenience of having a product like this encourages someone to promptly clean this area, that is a win.

Pretreating with waterless


How did it do?  This is with no ceramic coating and overall minimal protection on the car.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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6 comments on Carpro EcH2o: A Potentially Forgotten Gem

  1. Kenneth Carter says:

    I just ordered a 50ml bottle of this to try out as a waterless wash. I’m not very familiar with the CarPro lineup, but have read lots of good things about this particular product.

    I only use a waterless wash to remove bugs, bird droppings, fingerprints and very minor dust.

  2. rlmccarty2000 says:

    This is surprising. EcH2o is my favorite waterless wash. I also mix it with Reload to give my coatings a little extra life and pop.

    • Greg Pikul says:

      Why not just buy a bottle of Elixir?

      • rlmccarty2000 says:

        Because I’m cheap. Figure out the price difference between making your own bottle or buying it premade. The savings are significant.

      • Kenneth Carter says:

        Would you recommend Elixir over EcH2O? Again, I’m not as familiar with CarPro as some of the other brands out there.

        • rlmccarty2000 says:

          I would buy a bottle of EcH2o and a bottle of Reload 2.0 and make your own Elixir. Then you have a bottle of QD and a bottle of rinseless/waterless wash. I can’t remember the exact measurements to make a quasi Elixir but check out CarPro’s forum or Autopia’s Forum for the exact formula.

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