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Clear Kote Carnauba Moose Wax Review


Clear Kote Carnauba Moose Wax separates itself from other carnauba waxes with it’s durability. It gives your paint that deep and rich look while lasting for months. The application of this product couldn’t be any easier. Weather your using it by hand or machine, it’s easy on and off make it a go to product for those seeking that dark carnauba look. Using your PC7424XP and a black or blue pad at speed 4-5 is ideal. You ask why speed 5? Isn’t that too fast for a wax? I personally use speed 5 because it lays the product down more evenly onto the paint while still assuring even coverage. Doing this also makes for easier removal. The last thing you want to do is apply too much product and fight to remove it from the paint. Less is better, this product goes a long way. Apply two small pea sized dots and that is plenty for a panel or half a hood. In hot or humid weather, I will do half the car first, then remove. If not, I will apply to entire car then make my way back around using my ReThickulous Towel to remove promptly. This is another product that has tight beading for those who choose. So if your a carnauba fan who seeks maximum protection, give Clear Kote Carnauba Moose Wax a try and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few cars which received Clear Kote Carnauba Moose Wax.

2006 Ford F-150
Ford Truck 052

2005 Chevy Corvette
Mid June 082

2009 Toyota Tundra
2009 Toyota Tundra

2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse
2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2003 Acura CL Type S
2003 Acura CL Type S

DJ Mayo Reflections Detailing
DJ Mayo
DJ Mayo Studios
Gainesville, VA

5 comments on Clear Kote Carnauba Moose Wax Review

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the info man, Ive always loved the look of carnuaba but stick to sealants for durability. Might have to give this a shot.

  2. Stelian says:

    You have an idea about what’s the durability?

  3. DJ Mayo says:

    Depending on the geographic location, a car that sits outside everyday can receive 8-12 weeks of durability from what I have seen. I’ll be doing some Full Detail write ups in the future using Clearkote Caranuba Moose.

  4. Christophe says:

    I always used sealants in the past but decided to try this, wow what a difference it looks amazing .
    has been on a week and still looks great !!
    What would you recommend to use as a wash ?

  5. […] 3rd, 2011 Please Click Here For the complete […]

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