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Colourlock: How to Remove Dye Stains from Leather


This article was written by Ram Iyer of Colourlock UK!

While denim has made a positive mark on the fashion industry, it’s left a negative one on leather upholstery.

While not the only culprit, it is the biggest cause of dye transfer on furniture and car seats. Other strong-colored clothing and belts, where the dyes have not been properly fixed, could also leave a stain.

And, the lighter the color of the leather, the more noticeable the stain. As with any stain, the quicker you can try and get rid of it, the less likely it will penetrate the surface. Once it has, using conventional water-based cleaners will not do the trick.

Colourlock has a range of products for getting rid of dye stains. If the rest of the leather surfaces are clean, apart from the stain, first try the Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner. Where the surfaces are all looking rather grubby and/or the dye stain is more stubborn, then Colourlock Strong Leather Cleaner is the better choice. The Colourlock Leather Cleaning Brush will help to get the cleaner deeper into the grain of the leather surface.

If the stain persists, then the Colourlock GLD Solvent is the next course of action. Apply it carefully with a lint-free cloth. Some of the original leather dye may come off along with the stain. If this happens then it is possible to touch it up using the Colourlock Leather Fresh dye. We stock 46 standard shades and can customize to suit.

Finally, you need to protect the leather against future dye transfer hazards. Colourlock Leather Shield offers protection against discolouration from clothing as well as other stains and scratches. Leather Shield should only be applied a day later if you have used Leather Fresh to refresh the color. If Leather Fresh was not used, then Leather Shield can be applied immediately after cleaning.

It may be worth bearing in mind that keeping your leather upholstery free from dye stains in the future will depend on your wardrobe choices. As they say, prevention is better than a cure.

1 comment on Colourlock: How to Remove Dye Stains from Leather

  1. I accidentally stain my light colored leather car seat by wearing my black jacket I tried so many leather seats cleaners unfortunately it didn’t work stain still present

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