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Colourlock: The Leather Care, Repair and Restoration Specialists



This article was written by Ram Iyer of Colourlock UK!

For more than two decades Colourlock has been in the business of solving leather problems for individual customers, car professionals and furniture and cleaning specialists around the world. We manufacture and sell a wide range of leather cleaners, conditioners, stain removal and repair products that are the result of extensive research. Our ethos is built on a desire to provide an honest, efficient and reliable service – as well as a passion for all things leather.

Colourlock products are designed to help keep leather looking its best. Whether it’s the leather seating in your prized automobile, your leather living room sofa, your favorite leather jacket or much-loved pair of shoes – we have what you need. Below are just a few of the best options Detailed Image picked up, along with some quick information on what they are best suited for. So let’s get into it!


Colourlock Leather Cleaner

  • The Colourlock Leather Cleaner (Mild & Strong) is ideal for leather car and furniture upholstery, bags, suitcases and clothing. This comes as a foam which is more efficient than liquids because it only needs a small amount and doesn’t wet the leather. There are two versions – mild for light soiling and strong for more ingrained dirt. Just 200ml of mild or strong leather cleaner is enough for a whole car interior or set of furniture.


Colourlock Leather Cleaning Brush

  • The Colourlock Leather Cleaning Brush ideal for applying mild or strong leather cleaner. It helps to remove ingrained dirt and is useful for applying polish and brushing up nubuck and suede.


Colourlock Leather Shield

  • The Colourlock Leather Shield is ideal for new pigmented or surface-colored leather car and furniture upholstery, clothing and accessories. Applying Leather Shield within the first three years provides protection against traces of wear and tear and, in the case of upholstery, discoloration from clothing. Driving seats are especially prone to signs of wear. To prevent this treating the driver’s seat every three months and the rest of the leather every six to 12 months.


Colourlock Elephant Leather Preserver

  • The Colourlock Elephant Leather Preserver is ideal for leather that is exposed to the weather or for conserving extremely dry or antique leather. This is a museum formula for protecting old leather that has become hard. It protects and waterproofs, as well as keeping the leather supple. It really comes into its own for classic car interiors, old sofas and handbags.


Colourlock Leather Fresh

  • The Colourlock Leather Fresh Dye Standard Black is ideal for revitalizing the color of leather that has become scratched or faded. The standard black dye DI picked up is a good match for various black colored leathers, but please note that there is a chance that it is not an exact match to yours. If you need a specific dye, reach out to DI to carry it! But in the meantime, we can prepare the right color using our color chart – which has 46 dyes – or from a sample. These are available directly on our website and below is one of our color dye charts. Just 150 ml is enough to treat a car interior or set of furniture.


Colourlock also has specialist conditioners to suit different types of leather as well as products for removing stains and fixing tears, holes and burns. We stock a range of products specifically for leather professionals and offer them the chance to sign up for our regular training courses. Our website has a series of tutorials on cleaning and caring for leather and our experts are always happy to offer assistance and advice, along with the great crew here at DI!

2 comments on Colourlock: The Leather Care, Repair and Restoration Specialists

  1. Not sure my color but I do need black.

  2. Rob says:

    Chances you matching a color without any experience are slim.

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