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Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – April 2016


AAP Blog Post Of The Month!


Zach McGovern of Attention to Detailing gives his long term follow up review for the 22ple VG1 Perfect Vision Window Coat. Find out how VG1 held up to the elements!

Detailing Industry News!


CR Spotless Contest!

All you need to do is take a quick video of yourself using your CR Spotless System, allow us to post it on our YouTube page (or even put it on your own), and we’ll send you a free replacement resin! And if it is the best one between now and June 1st, we’ll give you a free system!

You can send a note to with a YouTube link, brag about it on our Facebook page, or just ask for access to a dropbox file and you can drop it in there.

Video must be ‘safe for work’ and doesn’t have to be a Spielberg Production…just show us what you use it on or how you use it. How sweet is that?


Congrats to our AAP author Jean-Claude Corcoran for making it on TV detailing the former Presidential Railcar US No. 1! Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower traveled the US in this railcar. We see a lot Rupes in action as well!

01 - Products

Marc08EX, a registered user, gives his review of the Griot’s Garage BOSS Pads and Polishes!

Detailed Image News!

One of our most commonly asked questions is How do I save more on shipping? Our Shipping page outlines our Ship & Save coupons and First Order Free Shipping coupon codes, which are great for larger purchases and first-time customers. But if you’re making a small purchase, using a different coupon code, or if you’re a member of our Wholesale program, there are still great strategies that you can use to save on Shipping with the Postal Service. Check out the entire blog post by clicking here!


New Products!

Check out all of our new products here!

Definition of the Month!

Cure time:

  • The duration of the curing process, or length of time between application of a product and that product reaching a fully stable state.

Check out all of our detailing dictionary definitions by clicking here.


Photo of the Month!

The photo of the month goes to Detailed Image Instagram user, @carbonite_detailing.


Automotive Industry News!

If you have $140,000 check out this BMW i8 Buyers Guide on If you are like the rest of us, just check out the article to see the breakdown of this beautiful car!


Jeep built a 707-HP Hellcat Wrangler and called it the Trailcat, it looks amazing! Check out the six other concepts that will debut at the annual Jeep festival.​​


How would you like to detail this possible Aston Martin Hypercar? Check it out directly on!


Thanks for reading and if you like this article check out the Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly March Edition!

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