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Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – June 2015


AAP Blog Post Of The Month!

Jean-Claude Corcoran of Detailed Designs Auto Spa performs a paint correction, clear bra wrap, Modesta coating & more in this amazing two part (part 1 & part 2) article series!


Detailing Industry News!

Have filthy wheels, like the ones in the picture below, that you are trying to clean up? Take a look at this mini review of the Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus by autopia.org user, JSFM35X!


Klasse All in One, a FLEX XC 3401 VRG, and a Orange Pad are all Jesse@Autopia needed to bring the paint of this 2014 BMW back to life!


Find out how Vega@Autopia performs an interior detailing using the popular Leatherique products!


New Detailed Image Products!

Take a look at all of our new products by clicking here.

Detailed Image News!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo for this years Detailing Day! Below are the winners of this years photo contest and we look forward to May 16th, 2016 and another successful Detailing Day!


Introducing the Detailed Image Detailing Dictionary! Ever come across detailing terms such as blotting, flash point, GSM, hook and loop, layering, etc. and did not exactly know what they meant? This dictionary is exactly what you are looking for!


Photo of the Month!

allen624, a Detailed Image Instagram follower, shared these great shots of a beautiful Corvette ZO6!


Automotive Industry News!

Another great Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and popularmechanics.com highlighted some tips for helping you save gas money on your weekend driving. Find out how your gas savings tips fared!


Automatic Labs wants to turn ordinary cars into smart cars that can automatically track business expenses, split the cost of gas evenly between passengers, turn on home heaters, and so much more!


roadandtrack.com gives a quick look at movie stars and their cars throughout the years. Check out some of these awesome photos which feature actors such as Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, and Gary Cooper!


Thanks for reading and if you like this article check out the Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly May Edition!

1 comment on Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – June 2015

  1. Steve Webb says:

    How about a article on how to take care of a wrap
    I have had mine for about two years and it is dull with dirt trapped along the seams. it would be great is some offered some ideas on how to brighten a wrap and take care of build up along that accumulates along seams


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