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Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – September 2013


AAP Blog Post Of The Month!

Brian Guy of AOWheels Auto Detail (Orlando, Florida) removes heavy etching and other imperfections from this black Ferrari 360!


Detailing Industry News!

Poorboy’s World is giving away a Poorboy’s World Baseball Cooler each week! Simply click this link and reply to the thread with the type of cooler you want. Each week a new winner will be randomly chosen!

Jeff McGovern of Immaculate Reflections details this M5 after the dealer had their hands on it. autopia.org


speedfreak81, a registered user on autopia.org, gives his review of the new CarPro Orange Peel Removal Pad (V2).


Our own author, Greg Gellas of Signature Detailing, performs a full detail on this Ferrari F430. Take a look at the photo and the list of products he used for this detail below!


Wheel & Tires:

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect, Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner, Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush

Wash & Dry:

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Clear mixed with Dawn, Waffle Weave Drying Towel, Chemical Guys Blower

Paint Correction:

Rupes LHR15, Microfiber Pads, M105, Sonax Perfect Finish

Engine Bay:

IPA wipe down, Optimum Metal Polish

Everything was then covered in the 22PLE Pro Glass Coating, 22PLE VR1 Plastic & Trim Restorer, 22PLE VM1 Rim & Metal Coating.

New Detailed Image Products!

Here are a few of the new and exciting products we have added to our product line!

Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer 1 oz & 12 oz restores black surfaces to a deep, rich finish, without any “wet look” or shine. You can use it to restore, condition, and protect bumpers, pads, trim, mirrors, mud flaps, window trim, seals, running boards, truck bed caps and covers, handles, wiper blades, etc.

Solution Finish Black Trim Restorer – Kit – Contains: 4oz Denatured Alcohol, 2 Latex Gloves, 2 Microfiber Applicator Pads, Microfiber Towel (16 x 16), Applicator Brush

Detailed Image News!

The popular Brinkmann Dual Xenon has been on back order since Spring and unfortunately DI, like many stores, eventually sold out of their current stock.  Since this unit is not expected to be available until November we would like to recommend a great alternative,  the Brinkmann MaxFire Marine Dual LED Rechargeable Spotlight. Take a look at the product review by Ivan Rajic of LUSTR Auto Detail here. This review will compare these lights side by side and list out the pros and cons of each model. It my surprise you with what one Ivan prefers!

There has also been a slight change to the very popular Porter Cable 7424XP. Very quietly Porter Cable has switched out the standard counterweight in these machines and they are now stock with 6″ counterweights instead of the 5″. This allows you to really use any size pad and backing plate combo without having to worry about using the larger counterweight with the larger pads. If you still would like to use the 5″ with the smaller pads we sell the 5″ counterweights here.

Photo of The Month!

Nathan Latawiec, a registered Detailed Image user, really makes his paint pop with the Chemical Guys Black Light & V7 combo!


Automotive Industry News!

With the technology available today it is no wonder we have a texting and driving problem on our hands. Check out this article on popularmechanics.com and find out why SMS Racing may have a video game that shows how much damage can be done when trying to text and drive.

Speaking of damage that can be done in an accident, take a look at the top 10 U.S. cities with the worst driving record in this article on autos.yahoo.com!

Any Infiniti fans out there? If so take a look at the new 2014 Q50! autos.yahoo.com


CJ Wilson, Major League Pitcher for the L.A. Angels, talks about the death of the manual transmission and an upcoming electric world. Do you agree? autos.yahoo.com


Thanks for reading and if you like this article check out the Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly August Edition!

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