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DI Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush


The DI Boar’s Hair Detail Brush is another product that I find extremely useful and wish to give it a positive review.  The description below is spot on…

“The Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush is a versatile cleaning tool that can help you clean your vehicle’s wheels, interior, trim pieces, joints, seams, seats, console, buttons, emblems and so much more. This high quality boar’s hair brush really has an endless amount of uses which makes it a must have tool for any detailer. It’s a gentle yet effective cleaning tool you can use on factory wheels and even the most delicate after market wheels. The extremely soft fibers allow it to break up contaminants in tough to reach areas while never scratching or marring the wheel. It works great in between spokes, around lug nuts, rivets, lips, etc. so you can safely clean even the most challenging areas. For the exterior trim you can now clean the emblem, grill, seams, vinyl trim, bumpers, etc. Some of these areas previously appeared impossible to clean but the Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush makes this possible. Last but not least use this brush all over the interior to remove dust from areas such as the vents, shifter knob, buttons, console, trim pieces, seats and so much more. It’s truly a very unique and high quality brush that can be used inside and outside of your vehicle for top notch detailing work. Pick one or more up today and you’ll be amazed at how helpful this tool is.”

I started using the Boar’s Hair Brush a few months ago and have never looked back.  It’s a great tool to use in so many ways.  The main thing I like about is the build quality.  Not only do the bristles retain their shape after many weeks of rigorous use, but the brush overall still looks brand new.  The bristles seem to be just the right size for reaching any place you would need a brush for and the handle is perfectly sized for any place you can imagine it being used, from wheels to interiors.

Where to use it…

Wheels are where I mainly use this brush.  I find it works great for getting dirt out of small spaces such as wheel bolts and around the air valve.  For both of these areas I like the firmness of the bristles as I’m able to sort of “poke” the dirt out of a tight space, as opposed to a softer brush that doesn’t work nearly as well.  I prefer to spray a wheel cleaner, such as P21S Wheel Cleaner, onto the wheel surface first to let it break down the dirt, then agitate with the brush.  Don’t get me wrong, the actual bristles aren’t harsh or hard, rather they’re simply firm throughout and keep their shape.  This brush is also a great tool for reaching into the tighter spokes on some wheels, where a larger brush won’t do.  Same as with the wheel bolts, I like to spray the cleaner on the surface then agitate with the brush.  Finally, calipers are something I always clean with this brush.  It’s the perfect size to reach through the wheel spokes and thoroughly clean the calipers.

The brush also has many uses on the interior of the vehicle.  I regularly use it to brush out vents and crevices, but I find it best on the little seams around the shifter where dust and small particles usually get stuck and seem impossible to clean.  Similarly, it works great behind the steering wheel and around gauges, especially those with aftermarket or original rings around them.  Finally, leather seats are a breeze with this brush as it fits right into all the seams and gets out the dirt particles, which are then vacuumed easily.

Lastly, I have a few of these brushes designated for stuff like jambs and engine bay area.  It’s an amazing tool to clean out the dirt and grease accumulated over the years inside door jambs, keyholes and brackets.  The brush becomes a must for engine cleaning since as we all know there are hundreds of different areas into which we can’t really fit a towel or larger brush to clean.  I regularly use it for agitating around all different caps, such as oil, coolant or brake fluid, and it’s also great to clean out the small indentations in many of today’s engine blocks or intakes.

In conclusion…

To sum it all up, the DI Boar’s Hair Detail Brush is a great tool for a great price.  It does everything it sets out to do and does it really well.  As I mentioned above, one of the most important factors for me is the durability of the brush, and this one definitely sticks out as one of the best.  The few brushes I have used on wheels still look brand new after a few months of almost daily use.   The other good thing about it is that it has multiple uses around the car, whereas most brushes on the market today lack that versatility.  On top of that, it’s a must have for some tasks, such as wheel cleaning as mentioned above, which makes it that much better of a tool.  Most importantly, the brush is not one of those hype products that come and go, so I see it staying in my detailing tool kit for a long time to come.

I can easily recommend it to any enthusiast, client or fellow detailer and I hope this review helps everyone see why.

As always thanks for reading and I look forward to any comments others have about the brush.

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1 comment on DI Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush

  1. Brian.E says:

    Great review. The brush works works really well at dusting off the easily scratched plastic face plate on my speedometer. It’s also great at getting the seam in between the bumpers and the fenders.

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