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Dirt Lock Review from Daniel Schipani of Detail Guardz!


Hey everyone, it’s Dan from The Detail Guardz and we have teamed up with the guys from Detailed Image to bring you some important information! We will be covering one of the most vital tools in the auto detailing community… a bucket insert. We are not talking about any traditional bucket insert, but one that has the ability to actively filter the water and keep away harmful contaminants from your wash mitt. We are talking about the next generation of inserts that are fully adjustable to lock in your bucket and cycle debris away from the clean water to truly help prevent scratching. The Detail Guardz and Detailed Image proudly present, the Dirt Lock premium bucket filter.

What makes the Dirt Lock bucket insert so unique?

Most traditional bucket inserts rely on gravity to let the debris slowly sink to the bottom of the bucket. But when the water is disturbed with your glove, most of the debris returns back into the water above the screen and is re-attached to your glove and therefore still scratches the paintwork. Detailers understood this and therefore the birth of the 2 bucket method was developed to further add protection. By dunking your glove in a rinse bucket then into a soapy bucket you further add protection from debris and scratching.

But what if we had an insert that would suck the debris off your mitt and keeps it under the screen? You would use less product, time, water and eliminate the fear of scratching the paint you are so eager to protect. We have created a tool that combines current technology and the understanding of fluid dynamics to indeed keep the grit off your mitt quickly and safely.

Below is the 4 major key features of the Dirt Lock premium bucket filter;

  1. The Dirt Lock utilizes a venturi system of tapered like valves. The filters on the front are wide but on the back they are narrow, this creates a suction towards the bottom of the bucket when you pump your hand in the water. This cycles the water in the bucket underneath the screen and traps the debris safely at the bottom. Since the filters are so narrow on the back, they act like a valve to prevent debris from returning above the screen. This allows the water and debris under the screen to always stay calm, without any turbulence to stir it back above.
  2. The Dirt Lock has a fresh water return system. We applied the same valve concept near the top of the screen… but in reverse on a much smaller scale. This allows the debris to stay settled on the bottom but it cycles the cleaner water back above for re-use. This creates a complete and constant cycle each time you pump your glove in the water. You will often hear reviewers say “it feels like it’s pulling my glove down,” this is why you get that sensation.
  3. The Dirt Lock has fully adjustable rubber locking tabs. You can adjust the fit to your bucket by pushing out or pulling in the rubber tabs. This will ensure it has a snug fit and does not move around or flip while in use. This is vital to keep the debris under the screen calm so it’s not re-introduced into the clean water. This also allows you to really scrub and clean your mitt on the turbine fins, then give a quick pump to clean the water. This way you don’t need any additional components to clean your glove on.
  4. The Dirt Lock has retractable finger grip handles to easily install and remove from the bucket. It is also designed and manufactured in Canada from an industrial grade material that is extremely durable and flexible for years of repeated abuse.

What buckets will it fit?

The Dirt Lock will fit nearly every 3.5-6 gallon round bucket. It is fully adjustable with flexible locking tabs and rubber grips. Push in to loosen, pull out to tighten… it’s that simple.

The material it’s made from also has a special “memory” quality to it. If you leave it in your bucket overnight, it will actually adjust itself and take the perfect shape of your bucket!

Just head on over to the Detailed Image store, grab a bucket if you don’t already have one and a Dirt Lock. You are all set!

Dirt Lock live in action:

Dirt Lock vs Bucket Inserts – Source: YouTube

Dirt Lock Release Video – Source: YouTube

PanTheOrganizer Review – Source: YouTube

Thank you to the Detail Image team for supporting us since day one and allowing us to share our new products with the community. Here are The Detail Guardz we are a family owned company and promise to create cutting edge car-care tools to change the industry!

1 comment on Dirt Lock Review from Daniel Schipani of Detail Guardz!

  1. Henry Hong says:

    This thing is better than cg?

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