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Einszett Closes, Nextzett Begins


Today is a sad day for all of us here at Detailed Image as one door closes for a great brand, but luckily another is opening. Many Einszett products have not only been top sellers on the site, but they also have a spot in our own personal detailing collections. Products like the Cockpit Premium are used, loved, and have been recommended to so many of our customers time and time again. Just shy of their 80 year anniversary, Einszett has gone out of business. What is the next step you ask, Nextzett, and we are all excited about it. In short Nextzett is a collection of many of the most talented employees of Einszett that will be making these same exact formulas under their new company name. Best of all, overtime they plan to upgrade some of the ingredients used in current Einszett formulations and launch some new and innovative products.  Currently we have a decent stock of Einszett products left at Detailed Image, but once they run out we’ll likely be out of stock permanently, until the new Nextzett products are released.  Please take a look at the complete letter from Einszett North America President, Michael Mankarious, below. Michael will cover the closing and highlight exactly what we can all expect on existing and new products.

To our customers:

It is with regret we wish to inform you that just shy of 80 years, einszett Autopflegesysteme of Germany is closing its doors. What started as a local company started by Werner Sauer, Sr. in 1936 with the goal of producing a better car polish, has flourished into a worldwide global brand. However, on the heels of an economic downturn in Europe, Werner Sauer, Jr. the current CEO of einszett, decided to retire. With no heir to take over the company, he felt it was best to close its doors. In response, many of the key members of einszett, including the lead chemist and his team, have decided to come together to rebirth the company. The founders have come up with a new name to reflect the desire to take einszett to the next level: nextzett. With help in the form of resources and manufacturing capabilities, the founders are teaming with BHB, a privately held train and commercial vehicle wash plant manufacturer. BHB has been an einszett partner for several years and has the capability to assist in the building of the new company. Manufacturing will return to its roots with production moving back to Germany near the city of Bensberg (Cologne). We are excited by this new chapter as it means an opportunity to develop new products and improve the current line. The founders of nextzett will maintain the products our customers have come to know and love such as Cockpit Premium, Gummi Pflege, Kristall Klar, Plastic Deep Cleaner, W99, Ultra Gel and Klima-Cleaner while improving on polishes and waxes. MIMAN Group will continue to sell einszett products and will introduce nextzett at the start of 2016. On a personal note, I want to thank my many customers for their years of support. When I started MIMAN Group in 2001, it was for the sole purpose of introducing einszett to the USA and Canadian markets. The moment I first tried the products, I knew it was a winner and something customers would immediately connect with. Fifteen years later, einszett has grown more than I could have imagined. I’m disappointed to see its end, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when this happens, soon enough, something better will come to light. I believe this will be the case with nextzett. The new owners have a clear and exciting direction for the company and realize how much it means to its customers. Additionally, MIMAN Group will expand its offerings by introducing new brands that have an established history of quality and innovation such as Kenotek car care products of Belgium. Thank you for your business and support. Please refer below to the provided FAQ list. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Michael Mankarious
MIMAN Group, einszett North America

7 comments on Einszett Closes, Nextzett Begins

  1. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Sorry to see you go, but I am glad the new ownership will try to maintain production of the products many of us detailers rely on.

  2. Dan Franco says:

    Well almost 80 years making some awesome Detailing products is a darn good reflection on how well their products were received, and I certainly have put hundreds of dollars into their bank via this awesome site, Detailed Image..
    Will continue to use them all because they are so good at what they do..
    Thank you, !-Z !!!! You guys and gals ROCK !!!
    Dan F

  3. Tony Pies says:

    Just closed the doors…. Something smells fishy in Denmark…..oops I mean Germany!

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks guys for your support and business over the years! Dan, I know you have been using einszett for many, many years and for that, a special thank you. We have some of the most loyal customers one can want – that’s what keeps us going. Yes, it’s unbelievable that everything ended when we were hitting our stride here in the US and Canada and unfortunately we had no control over what happened. This not only affects us but of course every single person who worked for the company. So for the new founders who felt that the company was not ready to go completely, we are ready to support them 100% and we know that the new company will continue to provide the same great products and even more good things down the road.

  5. John Guerin says:

    Sorry to hear of the business closure. Be proud that you developed and made some of the best products out there that many of us depended on for our detailing needs.

  6. Angel says:

    Just curious – on another site, someone posted that BMW pulled Gummi Pflege because it had silicone in it. I found that hard to believe, because the product had years of history with all phenomenal reviews. My mechanic claimed that Wurth is now making Gummi Flege. I’m begining to think people are going through GF withdrawl, lol But it may be good to address the rumors.

  7. Angel says:

    This was, in part, the comment found on Autogeek:

    …”The Einszett UK site says that “it contains no silicone. …However, the US site doesn’t mention this. And if you look at theMSDS they posted, it says that the Gummi does contain silicone (polydimethylsiloxane).
    …. think there must be 2 different formulas… US product is different than the UK one, EVEN THOUGH they have the SAME name and they’re from the SAME company.”

    Is this true, and if it is, did they address silicone’s issues in the chemical formulation so it doesn’t cause the problems typically associated with silicone? Or what is the track record on cars kept over 25 years?

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