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Get To Know Your Ask-A-Pro Author – Greg Gellas


Hey everyone! The guys from DI emailed me and asked me to take part in a series in which they will be interviewing each author. They asked me to provide you with a little information about myself along with answering a few detailing questions they provided. If you are interested in learning more about any of the other authors, check out the complete line of the Get To Know Your Ask-A-Pro Author articles by clicking here!

I grew up a car guy; I get just as excited seeing an awesome car as the next guy! Then being able to make them look better than new is even cooler for me. Below are my answers to some of the questions Detailed Image provided.

1. How did you get started in detailing?

Well I had to wash my fathers cars and do it properly too.  No two bucket method, wheels first, top down, the extreme basics were huge back then.  Even during college, I took care of friend’s cars at school and was meticulous with my own.  After a few other avenues I went back to my passion, pretty cars, and here we are now.

2. What is your favorite car that you have worked on?

I can’t say I have a favorite because that isn’t fair to every other car.  If I had to choose one, I think the car I like the most is Joe’s 911 Turbo S convertible, just because he let me borrow it for a day and do an awesome photo shoot at a local airport hanger with some models. The photographer Steven Berrebi did an awesome job.



3. What is the longest and most challenging detail you have ever had?

Most challenging had to be a moldy Audi I corrected. It took 2 days with 2 people and we weren’t even able to remove interior pieces. I had to get as much mold removed without removing seats or trim. I used a steamer with an enzyme mold killer to get into areas I couldn’t access. While not a perfect detail we did what we could. As you can tell in the pictures below, this was not a fun detail.



4. What is your least favorite area to detail, if any?

Hmmm, least favorite would have to be inside of the windshield. Even with a Microfiber Tool Mop, it can take me 2-3 tries to make sure there are no streaks. Has to be one of the hardest areas of a window to clean.

5. What was the best and worst customer experience you have had?

Best I would say was Michael with his S6; he always contacts me and lives locally to me. His brother came to me and is just a stand up guy and a car nut like me. As for the worst I won’t really say, but after this client I thought about a website for business owners who can watch out for certain consumers, it already exists though.

6. Imagine that you awoke on a magical detailing island and a VIP client is having their vehicle flown in but you have no idea what it will be. The island has a wash bay, water, hose, two buckets, and electricity. What 10 products would you want Detailed Image to ship you?

I am assuming these buckets have grit guards? 🙂

  • ONR – I can then wash, and use this as a clay lube. 
  • DI Trigger Spray Bottle – I can then use it for the ONR, and after a rinsing of the bottle I can then use the Power Clean with it.
  • Nanoskin AutoScrub Wash Mitt – I now have a wash mitt and a clay mitt all in one.
  • Optimum Power Clean – This is going to be my go to cleaner Interior, wheels, tires, I will make it work on this Island.
  • Rupes LHR 15 – I would take the 15 cause of the smaller rotation. WHAT?! Well with the smaller rotation I can then get into tighter areas.
  • Meg’s 205 – Probably one of the most versatile polishes available. The more I use it the more I love it.
  • Meg’s MF Cutting pads – I could then use these to cut and finish down if I slow down my machine speed using the 205.
  • DI Great White MF Towels – This counts as 1 choice but I need like 50 of them. They’re just that good, I could use them for drying, polish removal even leveling a coating.
  • Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 Permanent Paint Coating – We have to seal/coat the car. If I do 2 coats of 2.0 on the paint, trim, and wheels this car would be then protected from the elements.
  • DeFelsko PosiTector 200 Coating Thickness Gage – This product, cause hey their paying for it and I am not stuck on this Island forever. 😀

As always thanks for reading!

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Facebook | Instagram

4 comments on Get To Know Your Ask-A-Pro Author – Greg Gellas

  1. Buddy says:

    Wow. you’re amazing Greg. You really are a big deal you know. True story bud….

  2. I love how the moldy car has a scent tree hanging from the steering column. haha!

    Glad to be on AAP with you Greg.

    • Kevin says:

      Yes! -and the hand sanitizer(s) on the seat and the center console. I would love to know the back story on that Audi

  3. Excellent article! Love the bit about the bad customers 😉

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