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New Griot’s Garage BOSS Buffer, Polishes, and Pads


Griot's Garage BOSS Logo

Over 6 months ago, Chad “Rasky” Raskovich reached out to me with a peculiar and very specific request. “Greg, do me a favor and send your personal information to the email address at Griot’s Garage I am enclosing at the end of this message. Also, please include a short bio of yourself and all else will be explained upon completion of this task.”

My response was something to the effect of, “uhhh OK, I guess,” which was accompanied with a deep sense of curiosity and intrigue. So I did just as instructed and off I went.

That was my initial introduction to Jeff Brown of Griot’s Garage. So, while I am sure more than a few times since then that he wanted to ring my neck, we have become friends. Since the time I sent that initial email to Jeff, Chad and myself have been part of a “test pilot” program which was designed for the real world Research and Development of these products. Through a series of testing and detailed feedback writings and conversations we were some of the first people to witness and help refine this new amazing BOSS paint correction line.

Recently, I read this on a forum, and thought it really captured the opinions which many professionals seem to have of Griot’s Garage.

“if you did these two machines it would…move you up to a even a pro grade (Machine wise) in the industry.”

With the release of the Best of Show System, Griot’s Garage has cultivated a new approach to paint correction, catapulting their line into the center ring of the Professional arena. Whether using these products as a system, or standalone, these products work well for the professional and enthusiast alike. While designed as a system, those of us more daring will be inclined to use them on their own.

With their new Best of Show System, there are literally over 380 different configurations between

  • 2 Tools
  • 4 Liquids
  • 5 Pads
  • 2 Sizes
  • Innerflex or no Innerflex
  • Washer or no washer

…to address virtually any paint defect or type you come across.

Griot's Garage BOSS Best of Show System

While Chad will handle more detailed information on the machines, I will give my impressions, quickly touching upon them. The ergonomics of the Dual Action machines are amazing. The way they fit into your hand and the ease of gripping make the machines a joy to use for 15 or 200 min. I could not find any fault with the design of these polishers. While they may be a little heavier than other machines in this category, the power behind the correction capabilities makes it well worth it. Additionally, a great touch Griot’s did was to send a washer mod with every machine. This allows space between the backing plate and the machine’s shroud, allowing for “free spinning” of the backing plate which allows for a little more backing plate rotation.

Griot's Garage BOSS Polisher

Moving on to the Pads and Cream’s. Starting with the pads, the white pad made a huge impression on me, stopping me in my tracks upon first use. The correcting power is truly amazing, while it also has great finishing capabilities, greatly reducing the DA haze. Additionally the low profile and firm nature of the pad’s backing doesn’t allow for the dreaded “wiggle” which can occur with thicker softer pads used with long throw dual action machines. The Micro Fiber pads are a great addition as well, offering incredible finishing capabilities, without the hassle of becoming matted down with spent product and paint residue.

Again in the forums these types of comments were seen about the old correction liquids:

“It’s no secret their chemicals have always been lacking, so doubt they would hype them up this much, even if reformulated.”

I’m sorry to say that I did share that overall belief about the former Griot’s correction liquids. The old polishes were outdated and crude compared to what is the market standard of today.

But, with the introduction of the BOSS system, the creams or polishes are also nothing short of amazing. The sub-micron abrasives contained in all of these liquids places these products in the conversation with best in the marketplace. The type, size, and amount effects both the cut and finish abilities. As a bonus the dust factor is very low. More in depth analysis of these liquids in articles to come.

To me, the stand out product here is the correcting cream. The high capacity for cut and the incredible finishing properties of this cream make this product a star unto itself. This is a perfect candidate to be used for 1 step corrections, allowing the user to apply their wax or sealant of choice the moment after the panels are wiped down.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.03.56 PM

Below is the Griot’s BOSS system chart, which explains the overall components of the system and their uses. These will be included with every machine shipped.

Griot's BOSS Best of Show System

While this short article serves as a brief introduction and overview to a few elements of the Griot’s BOSS System, I want to say that Griot’s has continually surprised me and stepped up its game with each additional component of the system I was sent during testing. So I wanted to keep it brief because I know myself and Chad will follow up with more detailed articles on each part of the BOSS System. For now also see Chad’s BOSS Pads and Polishing Creams review and BOSS Polisher review.

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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9 comments on New Griot’s Garage BOSS Buffer, Polishes, and Pads

  1. Tom Teixeira says:

    I have their 6″, which works great and love it! Got the Torq for a Xmas gift. Only used it a couple of times. Griots 6″ is still better.Now I need to sell the Torq so I can by the Boss!! 🙂

  2. Hans Ashbaugh says:

    Will all my various 6″ pads fit the new Boss machine??

  3. Greg Gellas says:

    Hans, yes any of your 6″ pad will fit the Boss Machine.

  4. Great Article, Greg!

    Hans- Yes, your existing 6″ pads should all still work with the 6″ backing plate.

  5. Mike says:

    Nice article Greg!

  6. We are in the market for a new buffer,and the Boss looks great!…. Nice read very informative!

  7. Greg Gellas says:

    Thanks Everyone! It was a true pleasure testing these new products!

  8. Lee says:

    Do you know if/when these will be available in the UK at all?


  9. Paulie D. says:

    Hello, I really enjoyed reading this article and it confirms that I made a great purchase. I called Griot’s Garage and was treated extremely well, Id say world class top notch staff that listens to you and also asks very important questions all the way down to what kind of lighting i have, style bulbs etc. I bought their pro kit with the Boss 15mm long throw buffer and it came with all the pads, the 4 bottles of creams, pad & towel detergent that I found to be nothing short of outstanding, detailing bag along with smoother items as well. I must say I very much enjoyed speaking with their staff and I received a follow up call just two days after my order to let me know how much they liked my story and set me up with their wholesale department and they also told me that they went ahead and put a 30% refund on my credit card for my purchase. I have done over a dozen cars/trucks/suvs and I am blown away how well each cream works before dusting and how well they finish off. I have their white wax removal microfibers, the orange polish removal cloths, the blue microfibers for their speed shine quick detail, or to use with clay bar. I am extremely pleased and I also did the washer modification as mentioned above. I would say they have a system the “works” with minimum effort and the results are second to non. I also bought their 4 in 1 platform to stand on to reach higher parts of the vehicle, variable height stool, all of the leather products, tire and wheel products and i am very satisfied. I have spent over 3 decades doing this and I wish they had come out with something like this years ago. But better now than never, so if anyone is looking for an excellent well made machine, I recommend the G15 or the G21 with the 5.5 backing plate using the washer mod. To top it off it comes with I believe a 6 month satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on their long throw Boss machines. What other company does that? Oh and the 900 watt motor will power you through anything and prevent the pad from stalling. I have done months of research and Griots Garage has a world class staff and product and they back it up! I hope this may shed some light on the company and their products. Thanks

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