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Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra & More! (SEMA 2017)


This year at SEMA 2017, Gtechniq released a professional only coating, the Crystal Serum Ultra. Take a look below at some more information on this exciting new coating!

Crystal Serum Ultra

Rob Earle, Gtechniq managing director responsible for the development of Crystal Serum Ultra, said: “By creating Crystal Serum Ultra we have introduced a new seven nanometer particle that works alongside an existing 20 nanometer particle, and increased the ratio of crosslinkers in the formula. This has resulted in a coating which has a reinforced top layer that will take everything life, and the road, throws at it.”

  • Professional (Gtechniq Certified Detailer) use only
  • 10h hardness
  • Chemical resistant and withstands wash chemicals and bird bombs
  • Reduces surface hazing, helping you keep that mirror shine longer
  • Resistant to extreme heat changes, from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius
  • For best hydrophobic performance, apply EXO, or C2V3 on top is recommended

If you’re not a pro check out the regular consumer version, Crystal Serum Light.

Voice of Forza Motorsport 7

Female racing driver, Shannon McIntosh, who is also featured on the newly released Forza Motorsport 7 video game, will be talking paint protection and car care on the at the Gtechniq booth (15215). Shannon said, “Gtechniq’s products and approach in their niche are bar none and I always try to align myself with the best. I am excited about a partnership with a company that is dedicated to creating and delivering a product that is about true performance.

“Car care and protection is not only vital for domestic road users but also plays an important role in the motorsport industry. Making sure that the vehicle is protected and preserved allows us to focus on winning while also knowing that our vehicles and equipment look great.”

When asked about her favorite Gtechniq products she explained: “It goes without saying that Crystal Serum is an extremely special product both for detail professionals and people who love their cars, like myself. For someone like me who likes to make sure that I am keeping up with maintaining my cars appearance, I love C2 for keeping my car shiny and beautiful.”

Shannon will be working closely with Gtechniq North America to establish the brand further and help spread the word. Shannon added: “I hope to use my experience in the professional motorsports industry to bring Gtechniq’s brand and products to the forefront in the United States. And to bridge the gap between the traditional automotive industry and motorsports industry when it comes to auto care.” Source: Gtechniq NA

November 2nd, 2017 | SEMA

2 comments on Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra & More! (SEMA 2017)

  1. David Lytle says:

    Is there a place near Waco tx that provides classes to teach how to apply a full Gtechniq ceramic goating

  2. Paul Carrasco says:

    Is there anyway to buy crystal serum ultra. I’ve been doing ceramic coating for years. I just want to see the results

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