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Gyeon CanCoat: A Misunderstood Detailing Product


Gyeon Cancoat

Gyeon CanCoat is a unique product, which perhaps is the source of its positive and negative feedback. Without going into the specifics or the source of controversy, I have witnessed many critical reviews missing context or being biased in variables tested.  That is not to say the critiques are without merit.

Members and I of the detailing community cringe when we hear of any spray on product that has the name ‘ceramic’, ‘coat’, or ‘SI02 in it’.  We have seen these (maintenance spray) products sold and detailing services with the application of these products offered with the blatantly misleading implication the consumer is getting comparable protection to a true ceramic coating.

Though not quite putting Gyeon CanCoat in the category of a traditional coating, I do not think it is fair or accurate at all to compare CanCoat to a sealant or a wax.  With respect to the mixed reviews that I have seen on social media, the user error in the way the car is prepped prior and post application of CanCoat is the cause of these issues.

CanCoat applied in not the most ideal scenarios can serve as an exceptionally strong sealant.  But applied properly like a coating it can act like a hybrid coating (9 months chemical resistance) or in two layers pass as an actual coating.

A lot of conclusions about this product from reviews stated as such, ‘if a product is really that durable (while being easier to apply) it shouldn’t need that extra time in a dry environment to set.’  Often the opposite is often the case.  In brief, if you want CanCoat to act like a coating, prep and pamper it like a coating.  If you treat it like a spray on wax it will act like one.  That extra time the product has to set allows for an increase in chemical resistance.

My suggestion for those who want to maximize the durability (1+ year protection) with coating qualities close to other traditional coatings, 2 things I will recommend.  Apply in two layers.  Also prep before and after like a traditional coating.  Usually, 24 hours is the minimum time for a coating to be sheltered in a dry climate-controlled environment, which includes avoiding exposure to moisture of any kind.  A minimum of 12 hours for CanCoat is recommended (24 hours for certainty) of avoiding moisture.  Proper cure time for most coatings also means not washing the car for a week.  This is also another problem when you see reviews of products tested the day of or immediately with harsh chemicals, comparing it with sealants.  Like all coatings, throw away your microfiber towels post application.

An alternative to two layers that I have not tested but have heard great reviews on is using Gyeon Primer polish to prep a car for CanCoat.

I have heard of some individuals using CanCoat as a drying aid, with even less durability being the tradeoff.  Although I have not personally pushed this product to those limits yet, it is a testament to the versatility of this product.

If you are in not so ideal circumstances or have not applied a coating, this is a good product to try.

BMW X5 emblem

Moments after applying CanCoat to this BMW it had begun to rain.  I immediately began to see very good hydrophobic behavior (water beading).

Although paint correction on a fully decontaminated surface is the main course in approving the aesthetics of your paint, I have noticed an amplification in the look of the paint after using CanCoat.  Gyeon CanCoat has the ‘glass like gloss’ look a coating provides as seen below with this Audi RS5.

Audi-RS5 CanCoat

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4 comments on Gyeon CanCoat: A Misunderstood Detailing Product

  1. Peter says:

    Great product for what it is and it’s intended use as in a one time less labor less hard cost application.
    But this is the part of your articular I take issue with …”with coating qualities close to other traditional coatings” Similar yes but not entirely accurate when all things are considered. So for me the following comparison is an overarching con that casts a shadow on the pros Cancoat offers.

    For example Cancoat is the most expensive and labor intensive way to coat a car over a set time period of 3 to 5 yrs compared to other using your term, traditional coatings, which for most long lasting durability being one of the primary reasons to coat a car.

    When doing a side by side comparison between Cancoat and say Gtechniq CSL w/ exov4 topper over G’s life span of 3 to 5 years, consider the prep. time and materials it would cost for both for one application. The same. Now calculate the cost to prep. 2 to 4 more times using Cancoat over that same time period.

    Then factor in the hard cost of Gtechniq to Cancoat which some have said required two cans of the aerosol version per car for two coats multiplied by 3 to 5 years vs Gtechniq’s one time expense. No comparison! Gtechniq the better value by far.

    I believe there is a place for both but Cancoat cannot factually be compared to a more durable and long lasting coating and sold as an equivalent when all things are considered equally. And is mot the optimal way to go for a paying customer either.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Peter – Thank you for the detailed comment, it is greatly appreciated and you make some great points. I will let Rodney reply in more detail here, but one thing I would like to touch on is the customer who is receiving the protective layer. If the customer wants a coating and is willing to care for it correctly, the CSL and EXO combo is superior for sure. However, if the customer is not as willing to care for the vehicle, saving cash on the product, prep, and application may be more appealing as they will be back in 6 months or so for another complete detail.

  2. Rodney Tatum says:

    I want to start by saying Gyeon recently released its Evo line, which includes a seemingly improved formulation of CanCoat.  But for the sake of this discussion I will only mention the original formula.

    I believe many of your points are valid,  I agree in part with you.  I can not say I am on the same page here with your key due to the fact, business and non-business consumers have unique needs and tastes that make what you or I see as superior, often a subjective taste. 

    If we are discussing merely a business willfully misrepresenting its offering, this would be a different discussion.   I do not believe I have done that in this article.  I have not been coy about bringing up those issues either in other articles.  I can say I have used Gyeon CanCoat on clients’ vehicles.  I have never charged the same rate for this protection as I would for the 18 month to 2 year offerings or other offerings at that time.  There is definitely a very wide gap in the price for my 3 year and 5 year warrentied ceramic coating offerings.

    I have upsold using your argument of value for a long term protection product/service, from a list of options to satisfy the many unique clients that I have. Though I do add that ease of maintenance is another selling point of coatings. I also choose products and market my services to essentially NOT see my clients frequently (for the sake of offering value).  I am not the only one who does that ofcourse. But where I fundamentally differ is that most detailers offer levels of protection (packages).   If I eliminated CanCoat from the equation, I imagine prepping a car for sealant or wax MAY offer significantly even less value than a 5 year coating.   No matter how compelling the value proposition is, it is very unrealistic for every business to only sell a several year protection product. 

    But if we dig a little deeper how much time and financial resources are both parties saving here?
    In terms of performance no product is bullet proof. But CanCoat should outlast waxes and sealant and provide more than chemical resistance if prepped similarly to a coating.  Nevertheless you should be able to apply this much faster and for less money than a typical coating.   Also of importance being there is a shorter than recommended minimum cure time then most (12 versus 24 hours).  This alone can sway someone.  There is also the need for a maintenance chemical decontamination wash on a yearly basis and the possibility the owner may want their car polished within a couple of years.  Now the application process of the Gtechniq offering of 5 years of protection is not rocket science, but it is more complicated.   What makes Crystal Serum Light (CSL) a five year coating is one layer of Crystal Serum Light applied, followed by two layers Gtechniq EXO.

  3. Roland says:

    Hi Rodney,

    You have heard of some individuals using CanCoat as a drying aid? It is even more simple! I add a few (approx 5) drops of Wetcoat Essence to a spray-bottle with plain water and use this as a spray-detailer on a fresh washed and dried car. Spray it on a supersoft dishcloth and simply wipe the paint. It works wonders! You will have a glossy paint-protection for two – three weeks. Ideal for me as I wash my car every week.

    Best regards, Roland

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