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Gyeon CanCoat

Gyeon CanCoat - 200 ml
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Gyeon CanCoat
200 ml

Product Information

  • High quality coating in an aerosol can!
  • Easy application, spay and wipe!
  • Protects for up to 6 months
  • Enhances gloss and depth of the paint
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Customer Reviews

82% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 11 ratings

Product Description

Gyeon CanCoat is essentially a coating in a can, designed to help you save time when protecting your paint! We all love coatings, the glossy look and durable protection they provide, but they can be time consuming to apply. Gyeon set out to develop a product that will help you achieve the look you receive from a coating, all while saving you time during the application process. Very simply CanCoat is a coating, packed into an aerosol can. Having the coating in this form, allows you to simply spray it onto the paint, and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. Application is really that easy and allows you to coat an entire car in around 20 minutes! The protective layer left behind helps protect the paint from UV rays, strong chemicals, bird droppings, road salt and other road grime for up to 6 months. CanCoat will also provide extra depth to dark colored paint, extra reflectivity to metallic paints and a super slick finish. Add on the amazing water beading and hydrophobic properties and you have yourself another winner in the Gyeon line of products. If you are pressed for time, but do not want to sacrifice protection, grab yourself a can of the Gyeon CanCoat today!

Bonus: Kit comes with 1x CanCoat & 1x Microfiber Towel.

Professional Detailer Reviews

With as easy as it is to apply, and as little product as I feel I have used, it seems like a great product to have around for boosting the protection and gloss on top of our coated vehicles
Initial Impressions: Gyeon CanCoat
You'll be left with a very warm gloss that looks fantastic. The surface will bead water like crazy and keep the finish well protected from environmental damage.
A Deeper Look at Gyeon quartz Q2 CanCoat


GYEON Q² CanCoat

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the new Gyeon Q2 CanCoat

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From The Label

Product Description

Q2 Can Coat
  • Hydrophobic super-easy glass coating.
  • The easiest way to apply a car coating.
  • Durable super hydrophobic protection and outstanding self-cleaning abilities.


  • Wash the car with a strong degreasing agent.
  • Ensure the surface is oil free and completely dry.
  • Using Q2M Prep before applying the coating is recommended.
  • Spray the coating onto a microfiber cloth and wipe onto the paintwork.
  • Wipe off immediately after applying until a glossy finish appears.
  • Coating fully cures after 24 hours.
  • Optionally, wipe off with a Q2M Cure before exposing to any weather conditions.
  • Avoid strong chemicals during the first week after coating.
  • Skin protection recommended.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Store in a dry, cool place.
  • Avoid applying under direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Fantastic! Applied to a 2019 Ram 1500 crew cab after the full prep, washed then clayed and then gyeon iron, polished with Wolfgang total swirl remover and orange/green pad as needed then menzera super finish 3500 over the whole vehicle, also used gyeon prep which is fantastic, it seemed to be easier to get a cleaner wipe down then carpro eraser for some reason. It's a red truck and it looked great after this but cancoat made it look even better! When you see it and think wow that's as good as it gets, cancoat gives it just a little bit more gloss.

The product applied lightly but after a while the towel was more saturated and I could visibly see a layer going on, the wipe was still easy but flipping the towel to clean section definitely helps when you notice it going on thick like this. On a dry towel there is almost no residue left after application but you'll know it's there when you wipe the second towel over it. Also, this product to me looks fantastic on the plastic around mirrors and areas like lower trim and mud guards, adds a nice shine but not overly glossy! Works well on chrome also, wipes clean and leaves a smooth finish

Word of advice; if you catch it soon enough, small areas of semi hardened residue seems to be able to be cleaned up with a couple sprays of fresh product on a towel then very quickly buffing with a clean towel. Maybe 30 minute window? I had a small golf ball sized spot that I was able to remove thankfully!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Had been considering a coating for some time, but wanted one that was not too labor-intensive to apply to a large SUV and didn't have to be inside to cure (I have no garage, only a carport). I was very pleased with Cancoat in that I found it easy to apply and the cured coating is really glossy. It's too early to comment on its durability, but I have been thoroughly impressed with the way water beads on the vehicle and am hopeful that the coating will last a while, as that is the primary reason I wanted to use a coating vs a typical wax.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Applied Gyeon Can Coat to our 2018 Camry. It is awesome so far. I cleaned out the spray nozzle, but it still clogged so you only get one use out of each nozzle.

Also as a person that is new to detailing I wish Gyeon had application instructions for their products including their coatings.

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