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Gyeon CanCoat Evo Review


Cancoat Main image

Gyeon CanCoat is one of the most versatile coatings on the market. With a single product able to coat paint, trim, lights, metal, wheels, even windows, you might ask yourself, “is there anything it Can’tCoat? Get it? Because, Can’t… you get it.

It is extremely easy to use, I would say almost as easy as a detail spray. Due to the fact that it spreads and removes easier, since it is a little thicker, you don’t have to keep wiping around with it spreading. However, you do still have to work in sections for that same reason as it will start to flash. But you can easily do a panel at a time unless it is extremely hot/humid.

The finish looks great and feels very natural. It isn’t going to give you that insane depth of a thick coating but really enhances the natural color and lines of the car. With the ability to use this same product on the whole exterior without the worry of adverse effects, like the wrong coating on a window can take forever to remove, really is where this product shines.

You just spray onto a microfiber or applicator and wipe until its gone. No flashing, no waiting, you don’t even need a second towels for most cars as it won’t get that saturated.

The surface is pretty slick, nothing crazy but a very nice feel that repels water very well.

cancoat beads

As great as this product is, there are a few minor downsides for my personal preference.

The sprayer itself is just a fingertip sprayer, which would be fine for spryer on applicators and for small sections, but doing a whole car, I would mush prefer a trigger sprayer, even if it was a mini one. While it may seem trivial, this form factor is just not great for the way I would use it. Even just putting it into your own standard bottle would make it much better. Or if it was a true aerosol with a continuous fingertip trigger that would be amazing, but I’m sure there would be issue with the coating crystalizing within the trigger and clog it up.

Fingertip sprayer

Then it comes down to price, as many things do.

CanCoat lasts longer according to the manufactures and it is much easier to apply, but being more than 4 times the price/ml is a tough sell, even if it does last 4 months longer in optimal conditions.

Overall, Gyeon CanCoat is an amazing product. Super versatile, extremely easy to use, and great performance.

Ian Martinez
Gloss Angeles
Irvine, CA
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4 comments on Gyeon CanCoat Evo Review

  1. Michael Sabatino says:

    C2v3 is a different product than CanCoat. Gyeon Cure is a better comparison to C2v3.

  2. Peter says:

    Good call Sabatino. Apples and Oranges.

    For superior gloss replace Cure /C3v3 with Griots Best of Show Spray Wax as drying aid or quick detailer. Hands down better results.

    CanCoat /Getechniq EXO v4 would be a closer comparison. Lasts longer outstanding gloss and durability.
    If you want it you gotta pay the price.

  3. Doug says:

    even though this is an SiO2 based protective ceramic spray coating, would the towel used need to be thrown away after application, due to its chemical composition of the product? thank you!!

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