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Gyeon Q2 CanCoat – Effectiveness


With so many spray-on products being (in my opinion) irresponsibly marketed as fully fledged ceramic coatings, I believe consumers should have a healthy level of skepticism about any of the new products that hit the market.

I polished this 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, including the oxidized aftermarket repainted carbon fiber hood.  Afterwards, I protected the vehicle with a silica sealant.  Protection products like Gtechniq C2V3 or Carpro Reload would fall into the realm of spray on protection products that I normally use.  I would find out a week later that the oxidation would return!

I was ready to inform the client that likely the previous owner had a cheaply done (low solid) clear coat respray which lacked significant UV inhibitors.  I was ready to inform him the only option was to visit an auto body shop.  I decided to polish the hood one more time and seal it with Gyeon CanCoat.

One thing that has inspired confidence in me about the Gyeon Quartz line is their apparent conservative marketing juxtaposed by the positive feedback I have heard from its many professional end users.

Silica sealants have trace amounts of SI02 typically around 5% or less.  Jeff McEachron lists Gyeon CanCoat in the 30% area and Gyeon Cure at 5% in Si02.

This product would definitely be put to the test.  2 layers of CanCoat would be used.  I used multiple towels per application, which all (4 total) were discarded.  Somewhat to my surprise, I was informed the visible oxidation has not returned yet.

I still made it clear he should still plan on making a trip to a reputable shop.  But it appears this has bought him some more time.

CanCoat is unique.  It can function as a standalone coating, although I like to put the term ‘light’ in the description to manage expectations.  But it also can serve as a much more potent topper than your typical silica sealant in many cases.  In regards to the Gyeon line, it has been recommended to wait at a minimum of 4 hours.  I know that CanCoat has been used to top coatings from other brands;  I would suggest inquiring with a company representative for the recommended minimum application time if you go that route.

I have also found CanCoat to be an effective and efficient option for protecting wheel faces.

If there is one drawback, you need to flush the sprayers really well or they will clog.  I have a couple of clogged sprayers that I did not flush out well enough.

There are two other very informative articles on CanCoat I encourage you to read below:



Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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3 comments on Gyeon Q2 CanCoat – Effectiveness

  1. Love me some CanCoat. Glad to see it helped w/ that oxidized hoods. Those carbon hoods seem to be a mess from the few that have come my way. I’m curious to see how CarPro’s lite compares.

  2. Ryan Costa says:

    I recently applied CanCoat to a 2015 gray C250 Benz in 96 degree humid South Florida sun and it was not to bad to apply, there were some spots that were more difficult to level off but overall not bad at all. I’m interest to see how long the protection last. I also topped it Gyeon Cure about 1 hour after CanCoat was applied.

  3. Mike says:

    CanCoat is a great product. Nice write up.

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