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Gyeon Ceramic Detailer – Convenient And Practical


Gyeon Ceramic Detailer

To give you a brief summary of Gyeon Ceramic Detailer, it sits slightly above a quick detailer and right below a spray sealant in terms of performance.  But it is such a pleasure to use, you may find this to be a great option as a topper (intended use) for a ceramic coating or quick detailer.

It does provide slickness for those that enjoy that element of a detailing product.  It was designed to complement the ceramic coating, Gyeon Pure Evo.  For those that have used Gyeon Pure, you know this provides what Pure lacks which is slickness. Though I would say slickness is overrated. I would be much more concerned with a coating’s innate ability to repel and limit the amount of grime sticking to the paint.

Ease of use and convenience is a strength of Gyeon Ceramic Detailer.  Whether you spritz the product on a panel or on the towel, the application is self-explanatory.  I would recommend one spritz on a towel to start, depending on your preference 2 – 3 following sprays on a small to medium size car panel.  Spread the product on the car with a microfiber towel folded into 8 sides.  Then take a dry side of the microfiber towel for the final wipe.  You can use this after washing or as a drying aid.  The Eagle Edgeless 500 Light Grey microfiber towel was used (pictured below).

Eagle Edgeless 500 Light Grey

I have tested this product a few times, including a couple of holiday road trips. I do not recommend this but one time just under 40-degree temperatures. I was successful, though I could see it want to fight me with light streaking. The water beading by itself looked good.  Durability and quality of durability, it is okay. It is not bad for what it is but not anything special.

Although I consider it a solid (not amazing) product, there is one area that I believe Ceramic Detailer excels. It is a great maintenance choice for those who are going to wash a car themselves but what an easy, enjoyable, and practical maintenance spray for his or her ceramic coated car.  It has rates as high as any Ceramic Quick Detail type spray but provides a little more protection.   Some ceramic sealants are known to be very finicky to work with.  If you are looking for temporary protection with some subtle gloss enhancement that is quick and easy to use, this type of product would check those boxes quite well.

Water Beading

Water Beading

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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4 comments on Gyeon Ceramic Detailer – Convenient And Practical

  1. thank you Rodney for your quick and honest evaluation of this product. Your articles are alwasy appreciated and well written for the novice to understand. I looked at the list of related topics and find I have to view the Gyeon WetCoat Overview and How to Product video. Thanks again.

  2. brian fraser says:

    Does the take over for gyeon cure ?

    • John says:

      Curious about this as well. Additionally, with these ceramic toppers/detailers do the towels used need to be thrown away like the ones used to level/buff a ceramic coating?

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