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Gyeon WetCoat Overview & How-To Product Video


Source: YouTube

Professional detailer James Melfi talks about Gyeon WetCoat. Find out how WetCoat allows you to protect your paint, reduce the risk of adding imperfections, increases gloss, adds hydrophobic properties and more all with a simple spray on, rinse off formula. You will find the entire video above and some great product information along with a video transcription below. If you want to check out another WetCoat article, check out the review by Ivan Rajic by clicking here.

Product Description:

If you are looking to protect your paint without ever having to touch it, the Gyeon WetCoat is exactly what you are looking for! When performing any detailing step, there is always one thing in common, you actually have to touch the paint. When touching the paint, no matter how great your products and techniques are, you always have an increased risk of adding ugly imperfections into the paint. With Gyeon WetCoat, you never actually have to touch the paint, which allows you to greatly reduce your risk of adding imperfections into the paint! After you wash the paint, just spray WetCoat onto a still wet surface and rinse off after 2 minutes. Application is really that easy and it will leave you asking yourself why you did not use this product sooner! High-end ingredients are packed into this unique formula, which allows WetCoat to leave behind an incredibly glossy, protected and hydrophobic layer of protection. This layer will last around 12 weeks and even help enhance any existing layer of protection already applied. Water will bead off the surface with ease and contamination, road grime, dirt, etc. will have a harder time sticking to the surface. This means that future cleanings will be much easier and take less time to complete. Use WetCoat on various surfaces like your paint, glass, rims, convertible tops, wheel wells and trim. Skip actually touching the paint and protect with Gyeon WetCoat!

Application Instructions:

  • Shake well before applying.
  • Use only after washing the car with a HQ neutral shampoo.
  • Apply product only on a wet surface.
  • Rinse immediately after application with a pressure washer.
  • Do not let dry.
  • Never use in direct sunlight.

Video Transcription:

Hey, James with Detailed Image. Let’s talk about Gyeon WetCoat, a ready to use, spray on, rinse of sealant. WetCoat is designed to seal exterior surfaces by adding gloss, slickness and a superhydrophobic effect in just a few easy steps. WetCoat can be used as a stand-alone sealant with expected durability to be about three months, or as a booster for existing protection. After a traditional wash process, while the paint is still wet, shake the product well first and then spray WetCoat onto one panel at a time, rinsing off immediately. So you want to resist the thought that more product equals greater protection. I think we all think that sometimes, but with WetCoat, less is definitely more. What you want to do is apply 2-3 mists of product to one panel at a time and then blast it off with a pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer, that’s okay, a heavy stream of water from a garden hose will work out just great. You also want to be mindful of adjacent panels and what I mean by this is say for example, you’re applying WetCoat on the rear door, when it’s time to rinse, you want to be rinsing obviously the rear door, the front door, the rear quarter, the glass, the top of the rood, just ensuring that any overspray that went on those panels has been fully removed. So now that you’ve applied WetCoat to all the panels, it is time to do one final rinse. This step can be very important in just dislodging any WetCoat residue that might be left in the cracks and crevices in between wheels, lug nuts, all those kind of little intricate areas and this is going to ensure the absolute best results moving forwards. Okay, a couple of key points. You always want to ensure that the panels you are working on are cool, never applying WetCoat in direct sunlight and ensuring that you’re never letting that product dry out on the surface. Now some of the things I really like about WetCoat. Number one, versatility. It can be applied to paint, wheels, trim, glass in a completely touchless manner, which in theory will help reduce imperfections over time. Number two, it’s application is so quick it can really be a cost and time saver for the at-home user and detailing professional.

6 comments on Gyeon WetCoat Overview & How-To Product Video

  1. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    So, what whappend if you use detailer spray on top of this product?

  2. Daniel Fuller says:

    After final rinse, do you towell dry the vehicle?

    • Joe says:

      I actually use a leafblower for drying with wetcoat it works amazing. Wetcoat is ultra hydrophobic so it makes the drying process very easy and seamless.

  3. Brian Carron says:

    I applied two coats of Q2 Syncro and then one coat of Q2 Skin and followed all directions that came with the product. I just noticed when I had the car in the sunlight, after three days of application, what appears to be a “small run about 1 inch in length and is very noticeable. This must have occurred during my clean up precess as I had endured all surfaces were wiped as per directions. But somewhere along the way a drip of Q2 Skin must have fallen off the applicator and on to the paint and the run is very noticeable
    So, my question is, What should I do to remove the run?

  4. Nicolas Champagne says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you test the New Wetcoat to comparer the old and the new version? i’m been using the first version for 2 years now and have some question about the new release.

    Thank you.

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