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Gyeon Tire Cleaner: Possibly The Only Tire Cleaner Ever Needed



It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Gyeon Tire Cleaner is the best-dedicated tire cleaner I have ever used.  Tire cleaning neglected tires can be a challenge.  I have found myself disappointed at times with many all-purpose type cleaner products, tar removers, and dedicated cleaners as tire cleaning options.  It is not uncommon for me to use multiple applications of two different products to achieve the desired result I am about to demonstrate.


After wetting the tire, I sprayed a moderate amount of Gyeon Tire Cleaner on the tire.  I also added one spritz of cleaner to my brush.  After about 15 seconds of dwell time, I scrubbed the tire thoroughly.  Then I waited for another 20 to 30 seconds before rinsing the residue off. This is a picture of the tire cleaner working to release grime from the tires after scrubbing with the tire cleaning brush.  You can see a brown muddy consistency on the surface.


For the second application, I used the same process as before. After spraying the product on you can see the white suds in the picture below.  This is an indicator dirt and grime being mostly gone.  Scrubbing the tire you will see some of the brownish color (significantly less) an indicator of the remaining dirt and grime. As you keep applying, scrubbing, rinsing and repeating, the suds will go from brown to white.


The picture below is a positive sign you are close to having a very clean tire. Remember, get as close to all white as you can!


No tire dressing was used in the picture below, just a clean tire.


With this product, most tires should be thoroughly clean after two applications, which I have found takes much less amount of time than with other similar tire cleaners.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

6 comments on Gyeon Tire Cleaner: Possibly The Only Tire Cleaner Ever Needed

  1. Rich Lucas says:

    There are many Gyeon products that I use often including their quartz coatings. However, when it comes to cleaning tires and wheels, I haven’t found anything better than Adam’s Wheel & Tire combo. I spray it on, let dwell for a couple of minutes, scrub tires with stiff brush and wheels with wheel brush, and spray off with pressure washer. Very seldom have to repeat. Really great stuff and that is coming from not a big Adam’s user.

  2. Kelvyn says:

    Gyeon Tire is very pricey. does this product make sense when running a profitable business ?

    • Rodney Tatum says:

      kelvyn that is really up to you, essentially I could not tell you one way or another. It is what I use professionally/personally, but it that doesn’t mean that is in your best interest.

      I use products that are a little more expensive across the board than many other businesses use. This is a product that really checked the boxes for me. I run a low volume operation, where I prioritize using dependable high quality products. I price accordingly to justify the products I use. There are plenty of products more suitable for higher volume shops that probably do comparibly well or perhaps better than products I am used to using in routine.

      My suggestion: Try the 500ml 12.99 bottle and see how YOU feel? If you are asking than it is possible the price is not justifiable. Asking probably means you may not be satisfied with what you are using. Time and frustration with a product you aren’t happy with can also be seen as a currency. At the very least you have something else to clean your tires or at best a new favorite.

      I will also say more expensive high quality products, do have a tendency to also make up for the cost by needing less product to work. I do not remember off the top of my head how much I use relative to other options, but I can tell I am not burning through the bottle rapid pace.

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