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Product Review: Detail Factory Wheel Brush Kit Video


Source: YouTube

Wheel cleaning is often the dirtiest part of any detail regimen, which is why having the right tools makes all the difference. I remember when I first got into detailing, trying to clean wheels in the cold with a small oddly shaped wheel brush. It couldn’t get into the barrel, wasn’t very good on the face, and was way too aggressive to remove dirt safely. At that time that’s all there was. Fast forward till now and we have some great, well-designed tools like the Detail Factory Wheel Brush Kit.

“This brush kit features an ergonomic handle design with a flexible core and soft foam contact pad. This design allows you to safely and easily clean various wheel shapes and sizes. The rubber grip allows for easy maneuverability, even when wet. With all of those great features, the uniqueness of this brush comes down to the interchangeability of the wash media itself. Each brush comes with two microfiber covers, one that is a long nap, soft and safe, the other is a shorter nap, designed for dirty wheel scrubbing. Just pull one off and slip the other on. It is that easy and you will be ready for any wheel cleaning situation that is in front of you.”

My favorite feature of this brush kit is the interchangeable covers, which are washable after each use. Wheel brushes get super dirty and having the ability to easily clean them will definitely help in reducing scratching over time.

If you’re in the market for a new wheel brush to aid in cleaning deep in your wheel barrel, take a look at the Detail Factory Wheel Brush Kit!


  • Interchangeable and washable heads
  • Flexible non metal foam core
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle

Video Transcription:


Hey guys, James here with Detailed Image today, we are going over a brand new product by the Detail Factory their wheel brush kit. This came out a little while ago. It’s been it’s my first opportunity to kind of do some testing with it. So today we’re going to kind of go through a wheel cleaning process with this new brush and see what it’s made of. First off when I got the packaging in the mail it’s pretty cool. Very, very nicely packaged. So that was kind of the first thing that kind of stood out to me. The brush itself, let’s kind of open this up a little bit. The brush itself has a very nice ergonomic handle, feels good in your hands. And the cool part is this brush comes with two washable removable covers. I think this is probably my favorite part of the brush because obviously we’ve all used wheel brushes before and they get really gross.


So being able to wash these out, I think is going to be extremely helpful at just reducing scratching from, you know, wheel washing. So as you, you know, kind of go around the car it’s going to obviously pick up a ton of brake dust and then being able at the end of your wash, to be able to throw these in the, in the washing machine, I think that’s going to help a ton. You, what you get is a coarser cover, so kind of what they call the scrubber. I can see this definitely being a nice brush for really gross wheels like these are, and obviously really scrubbing that, that barrel cause that’s kind of what this, this style brush is designed for. It’s designed for mostly barrel work deep inside that wheel. And I think if you have a lot of embedded brake dust, that scrubber is going to come into play, you know, if you have a gloss black wheel or a really sensitive wheel, I can see this might be a little bit too aggressive.


And that’s when the ultra-soft microfiber cover is going to come into play. Switching that out, putting this in. If you have any sort of a sensitive wheel, I think this is going to be your home base. But being able to switch those out, that’s always a good thing. So that’s about everything with the brush itself. I kind of wanted to go through the wash process with you. So obviously this wheel is, is definitely gonna be a great candidate for this brush. It is absolutely nasty and hasn’t been washed in about a year and a half, something like that. So it’s, it’s got some embedded brake dust. So let’s put this brush to the test first, like obviously, any wheel can lean process starting out with spraying the wheel cleaner, directly on the wheel, making sure it’s cool, letting it dwell, and then going in with the Detail Factory Wheel Brush.


And obviously what we’re going to do is going, we’re going to start at the top work clockwise and kind of start agitating the inner part of that wheel and kind of loosening up that brace brake dust that’s there. I can also see, see this a wheel brush also being something where you’re kind of getting the outside or right, I guess, you know, kind of that inner lip where the barrel meets the face. Still being able to kind of get into those areas. I mean, wheels are wheels and wheel brushes. You really, you want to pick a wheel brush that is best for your for your wheel. So if you have really, really, really fine spokes you might be want something that’s a little bit skinnier. If you have an open barrel this brush is going to be perfect and kind of getting in those, those bigger areas.


We are also going to be using the Detail Factory Tri-Grip Detail Brush for a lot of the face, again, really soft bristles. And what this brush is going to do is going to allow us to get into the lug nut area to get, you know, to do the spokes, the inner parts the caliber to the best of our ability around the valve STEM cap, all those little intricate areas that the larger brush might struggle to get to. So let’s do a big rinse and let’s see what we got, no matter what I always like to use a combination of about two to three different brushes, this to kind of get into all those little areas. But I have to say the nice thing. I think the biggest positive about this brush is just very, very comfortable to use works really well at kind of putting some solid pressure down on the barrel so that you can kind of scrub away that that really embedded brake dust.


I think the scrubber cover is going to work wonders in that area. So that’s great. You could also use this brush inside your fender liner to kind of scrub out anything that might be kind of embedded in the carpet liner or if it’s a traditional like plastic fender. Well it’ll, it’ll do a great job at just kind of knocking down a lot of that grime. And like I touched on before that softer cover is also going to come into play, I think on more sensitive finishes. So if you’re looking for a barrel brush, something to clean the inner part of your wheel, I think it’s, you should definitely consider the Detail Factory Wheel Brush, or I should say the wheel brush kit love that the two interchangeable covers and being able to clean that that’s going to be huge. Hope to see you guys in the next video.

James Melfi
Holliston, MA
Facebook | Instagram

2 comments on Product Review: Detail Factory Wheel Brush Kit Video

  1. An Le says:

    Good video and very interesting at what these brushes can do. It’s very helpful and easy to reach out to all areas on the other side of the wheels. Nice demonstration. I will soon gonna purchase one set.
    Thank you for the video.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. It’s incredible to know more with more practice. So that all peoples can get help with your video!

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