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How to Position Ceramic Coatings to Customers


Learn how to sell ceramic coatings to customers by Signature Detailing New Jersey

As an auto detailing business understanding how to effectively position ceramic coatings to customers is essential to selling the best coating to each customer.

At Signature Detailing New Jersey, we inform all clients on the merits and real-world features of ceramic coating technologies. Our goal is to create a clear distinction between what coatings ACTUALLY DO vs. the many crazy product claims plastered all over the internet.

This article will explore the topics which are most critical in effectively positioning ceramic coatings so consumers may make accurate and informed decisions for their unique needs.

Understanding vehicle and owner needs by asking questions

As a business owner, fitting solutions to the customers’ unique needs should be a top priority. Very few people enjoy the feeling of being oversold on something which is overkill for them. So, as a small business based on trust, we want to remove any potential feelings of slimy sales tactics from customers’ minds.

Therefore, asking a specific set of questions allows you to uncover the overall picture of the customers’ needs. In turn, knowing their needs immediately allows the auto detailing business the ability to match them to the proper product and service.
A list of standardized questions for auto detailing businesses to ask clients interested in ceramic coatings should include:

  1. Is the vehicle used as a daily driver or for occasional weekend fun time only?
  2. Are you buying or leasing the vehicle?
  3. How long do you typically keep your vehicles?
  4. Where is the vehicle stored overnight?
  5. How often is the vehicle washed and with what method?
  6. Do you have any unique vehicle needs I should be aware of?

After a detailing business has the answers to these simple six questions, it is much easier to pair the client with the appropriate ceramic coating formula and package for their needs.

Understanding Exactly What Your Ceramic Coating Formulations Offer

Knowing a client’s vehicle and driving needs is half the battle of information. Up next is understanding and having the ability to effectively articulate the unique aspects of each ceramic coating formulation offered by your business.

Possessing the full knowledge about each ceramic coating formulation allows you to confidently make the best product recommendations to each client.

Furthermore, this instant knowledge enables you to quickly display your expertise, giving potential clients immediate comfort and allows them to more easily trust you. Additionally, understanding all the intricacies of each formulation empowers you with the information to answer any and all questions which may be on the customer’s mind.

Ceramic Coatings Provide the best Non-Impact Protection to Date

Explaining to clients that ceramic coatings are the best non-impact protection is an important distinction.

There is no scenario where ceramic coatings between 1-3 microns can offer the impact protection that paint protection film (ppf or clear bra) delivers. It doesn’t matter what companies claim or market.
You wouldn’t believe that a rash guard could protect you from a shark attack, would you?

Similarly, you shouldn’t believe companies that market or advertise ceramic coatings as impact or scratch protection. They are far too thin to have the amount of mass to do so. Most coatings hope to obtain 2 microns on the surface, while the average PPF fil measures 200 microns thick. So, all this internet smoke and mirrors shiny advertising about ceramic coatings protecting from impacts and scratches—well it’s just a farce.

Instead, ceramic coatings, depending on their formulation add the best non-impact protection to date and may include most or all the following benefits:

  1. Added gloss
  2. Enhanced vibrance of paint color
  3. Unmatched Chemical Protection
  4. Increased time between cleanings because the surface stays cleaner longer
  5. Ease & Speed of washing due to water behavior that just falls off the vehicle

Final Thoughts on How to Position Ceramic Coatings to Customers

By pairing the knowledge of a client’s specific vehicle needs with the perfectly fit ceramic coatings detailing business keep the best interests of the client in mind.

And when combining this with explaining the exact characteristics and abilities of each ceramic coating, then a detailing business ensures it is providing a service and experience that sets itself apart from most of the local competition.

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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1 comment on How to Position Ceramic Coatings to Customers

  1. I could argue that PPF is oversold with aggrandized claims as well. First, PPF is super expensive and carries a lot of negative baggage in reality. Self healing is way oversold. I see it all the time. Chewed up fenders and front ends. Delaminated edges and mystery bubbles that show up when the temp changes. If it does get impact damaged (and they do eventually get damaged), you can’t just dab on paint and buff it out (like you can with a ceramic coating. No no… you have to remove the whole section, fix the paint damage, then pay to reapply the silly film. That’s almost always a $1000+ event. I can repair and polish out that same damage on a car with a ceramic coating, and re-apply the coating on that panel for at least half the cost… maybe 1/4. Film is as much of a liability as it offers in protection. And, you’re not correct about the physics of high end ceramics like SystemX Max, vs PPF. It’s a dynamic subject comparison, but Max actually does prevent many of the most common impact events, such as sand and larger debris at highway speed. Again, the specific coating matters here, as not all formulations are 1-2 mills or as high in SiO2 as others. My point isn’t to bash Film, but it’s more over hyped and over sold, relative to its real value, than the best ceramics that come with warranties. The ability to easily repair deep damage or peppering (which not even film can prevent), is probably the biggest reason why, for most people, a ceramic coating with a warranty is a far better option. Just wanted to add some additional perspective. I enjoyed the article.

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