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How-To restore trim using Poorboy’s World Trim Restorer


I had recently tried Poorboy’s Trim Restorer and I must admit, I was surprised. I have used various trim restorers and nothing competes with this, it’s the real deal. This product restores trim, rubber moldings, tires, and any other vinyl, plastic, or rubber that has been exposed to the harmful elements. This product recommends that you clean the surface prior to using the trim restorer. I would suggest P21s Total Auto Wash or Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus. Making sure the surface is clean and dry, lightly apply Poorboy’s Trim Restorer using a Foam Applicator. The next part is important so make sure to follow along.

For SEVERELY neglected areas, you will want to apply a few thin layers with about 30minutes between coats. After each layer,  DO NOT wipe away the excess product. Allow the product to dry fully while on the surface to maximize your results. Then AFTER your results are achieved on your last coat, wipe away cleanly and apply your UV protection. For this step I like to use Optimum Protectant Plus. You can also use 303 Aerospace, Poorboy’s Natural Look, or Chemical Guys V.R.T too. All three products work great and will give you great results.

Having neglected trim on a detailed car takes away a tremendous amount of appeal. Trim is one of those areas where most detailers will forget about or pay no attention to. So take some time on your next detail and attack those affected areas with Poorboy’s Trim Restorer and pair that with some UV protection and see the difference yourself. Your automobile will have that new look with some professional touch.

After 1 application of Trim Restorer on the left side. This particular area of this Acura NSX was treated to 4 applications before applying Optimum Protectant.

Acura NSX Detail 107

Here is a half done plastic under spoiler that has never seen any attention. This area took 2 applications.

Acura NSX Detail 111

Here is the first area after 4 applications.

Acura NSX Detail 115

A Toyota Tacoma with neglected trim. 2 applications and this area was looking brand new again.

Late July 160

A final shot now looking great!

Late July 161

If you have any additional comments or questions, please submit your reply in the comment box below.

DJ Mayo Reflections Detailing
DJ Mayo
DJ Mayo Studios
Gainesville, VA

4 comments on How-To restore trim using Poorboy’s World Trim Restorer

  1. Dave says:

    How long does the trim remain “like new”. I mean, does it wash off after a couple of washes? Ant streaking?

  2. DJ Mayo says:


    Depending on the condition that the trim was in prior to your treatment will play a major role in the result and how long it will last. With the pictures about, a few months would be a safe answer. There are things you still need to do to maintain it. Every 3-5 weeks apply something like Optimum Protectant Plus or 303 with the UV Protection.

  3. Al G. says:

    How do you keep PB TR from running (streaks on paint) when it rains when used on some plastics? I apply it generously, let it soak, and then buff off.

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