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Inexpensive Products to Add to Your Order


There are inexpensive products that add convenience, cut time, often reduce cost, and sometimes are just practical to have around.  I am going to highlight a couple of these you might not realize are sold at DI.  These are items you might want to add to your shopping cart!

drawstring bag

The Detailed Image Drawstring Bag is one of my favorites. Having a bag that can fold into your pocket, while being able to hold several detailing products in an emergency is always good to have around. It has one big pocket and two small pockets. The large pocket can be used as a storage bin for either new or used polishing pads to bring to a detail, or within use while you are polishing your car.


The Detailed Image Screw On Funnel should screw on to most of your bottles, which can save you some time and money. Plus, just worrying about the mess that you are going to make anyway by not using a screw on funnel is something I have experienced a few times. With the funnel applied I have less fear of wasting expensive chemicals when transferring to smaller bottles or diluting them to certain ratios.

measuring cup

Speaking of dilution, the DI Accessories Measuring Cup is my next choice. Not only did I not realize a mixing cup was in stock, but it did not occur to me how much easier mixing products would be until I picked up one of these. As convenient as having the measurements on a bottle are, it still does not compare to using an actual measuring cup. I also do not like the idea of using the same measuring cup I measure ingredients for dessert for detailing.  You may also have a significant other that would not appreciate that either.

Other Products to Consider:

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Gainesville, Florida
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1 comment on Inexpensive Products to Add to Your Order

  1. Matthew Arcori says:

    The screw top funnels are absolutely fantastic to keep the shop free of spills and mess. I only have one but I think my next order will have a few on it.

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