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Product Review: IK Multi Trigger Sprayer


About two years ago I was looking for a better spray bottle to use for my chemicals. I got tired of using cheaper flimsy plastic bottles and stumbled upon the Ik Multi Trigger Sprayer.

Ik Multi Trigger Sprayer

Immediately, when you hold the bottle you can feel how thick the plastic is and how it is resistant to breaking. When you have products like wheel cleaners, sealants, acid based products, you don’t want a bottle breaking and potentially ruining something in or on the outside of a car, so the thickness and weight of this bottle is a nice change from cheaper, thinner bottles I have used. The weight distribution is in a way that if left on a table or the floor it would be difficult to topple over due to the shape of the bottle and base. It also has a measuring scale on the side of the bottle so you can measure out your ratios of chemicals to water (ie 1:10, 1:5). It comes with a laminated card that is two sided (green and red), which allows you to mark each bottle for easy identification and to reduce the risk of spraying the incorrect chemical onto the surface you are working on. The sprayers can also be ordered in either black or white, which is a nice touch.

My Experience:

As a detailer, outside of our towels, the tools we use to apply our chemicals are the most important things in our collection. I personally have the exterior chemicals written on the red side (wheel cleaners, iron removers) and interior chemicals on the green side (all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner). Color coding and labeling makes your life so much easier and the different tags on these bottles makes my life easier when I am moving fast during a detail. Also, the triggers can be changed out as well so you can get even more creative with organizing. I have had these 4 bottles longer than any other spray bottles I have used in the past and I use them day in and day out. So far over a year later and they are still in great shape! This is the only sprayer I have found that comes so well thought out and it really helps you stay organized and efficient. The ones I have now have already outlasted any sprayers I have had in the past five years, so I can not recommend these bottles enough!

Michael Pappas
Deluxe Detailing NYC
New York, NY

2 comments on Product Review: IK Multi Trigger Sprayer

  1. Randy Rochefort says:

    I had a similar journey looking to optimize my sprayer experience as a detailer. I too landed on the IK sprayers but I also took it one step further. I feel the IK bottle itself is the premium bottle in todays market, but not it’s sprayer. So I implemented the IK into my system and started searching for possibly better sprayers I could combine with the bottle to create the ultimate combo. After some trial and error I stumbled upon the Pressol duel action chemical resistant sprayers thanks to Matt Mormin at OG. These have improved ergonomics, a flexible weighted straw and spray product on both pull and release of the trigger. The dual action takes a few uses to get used to but once you adapt it is a great user experience. Yes my solution adds up to a very expensive bottle (about $28 retail) but kind of like your bed it is one of the most used items in our daily lives so spend the money where it effects you most not on something you occasionally use is my philosophy. Hope this helps someone.

    • Dale Johnson says:

      The Pressol sprayer is also a blessing for detailers like myself who have arthritis/carpal tunnel—twice the sprays per pain causing squeeze.

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