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Initial Impressions: Forma Spray Sealant


A good spray sealant should be in everyone’s arsenal, they are vital in maintaining your sealant/wax protection on your paint and can really extend the life of your protection.  So when I got my hands on the Forma Spray Sealant, I had high expectations and was very anxious to see how it performs.

Forma Sealant 1

Above I stated that a good spray sealant is needed to maintain your protection, but what if your car has no protection, can it still perform as a designated layer of protection until you wax/seal your finish? Let’s find out!

Forma Sealant B4

The above photo is our test subject a 1978 Corvette Pace Car. For this test I did multiple CarPro Eraser wipe downs to ensure that there was no wax/sealant protection. I wanted to see how the sealant would perform as the designated protection. Notice the water puddles and inconsistent water beading.

Forma Sealant Beading

This panel was misted with 2 light sprays and I gently massaged it into the paintwork. Notice the tight uniform micro-beads! I was overall impressed with how easy the product was to apply.  One thing that stood out is the ease of use, as I misted the panel I wiped it into the paintwork and with a couple of passes with a towel, the panel was streak free without using a second towel to buff. I was really impressed but caught off guard with how effortless it really was, I quickly did the next panel with the same results! Later on I read the product description from Forma and the below quotes are the ones that really stood out.

The great smelling sealant features a unique formula that allows you to spray the product onto the paint and wipe away excess with ease. Application really is just that short and easy and you’ll love the shine it creates!

You probably have some items that have worked well, but what if there was something better or faster?

Reading the product description from Forma right away told me this product was designed for fast and easy use. Forma spray sealant is really one of the easiest spray sealants/waxes I have ever used, it does not get much easier than this. I actually tried to make the product streak but it just quickly melted into the paintwork leaving a nice glossy and slick surface.  The ease of application can be an appealing characteristic to anyone pro or enthusiast. It also has a very pleasant smell of bananas and Forma was extremely accurate with warnings of not to drink it, I had to stop myself a few times.

How does it perform as a drying aid?

I was not done testing just yet, one of the things that are so appealing about a spray sealant is the ability of using as a drying aid to help boost and maintain your current wax/sealant protection. So when I found out that you can apply it to a wet surface, I was curious to see how it would perform when used with a drying aid.

Below is a car that I just got done washing, you can see the sheet of water just sitting on the paint. The protection was really lacking and no sign of water beading whatsoever.


After a few mists and a once over with a towel, I sprayed the panel again to see if the water behavior changed. I was very pleased to see beading with just a few sprays. It was also very easy to use on a wet painted surface and performed excellent as a drying aid.


Below is a shot after it rained, you can see all the nice beading and protection that was provided from using it as a drying aid.


Overall Forma Spray Sealant really impressed me, it excelled in my testing and meeting my expectations. I have used it on 2 cars and so far, so good. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to answer any questions about longevity, however I would not be so concerned with longevity as I feel you should have a designated layer of protection anyway. And with our testing we seen its capable of standalone protection, it’s been holding up on the silver car now for 2 weeks. This product is excellent for maintaining and boosting your current protection. I would consider this an ideal drying aid for maintaining your beloved car.

Note: The product says it can remove light dirt, dust and water spots. I have not tested it in these categories as I applied it to a clean dry surface, and a clean wet surface. I will keep this article updated in the comment section below. With new information as I learn more about the product. For quick reference as well, below are the directions directly from the bottle.


  1. Shake Well.
  2. For optimal results, apply to freshly washed surface.
  3. Working in small sections mist Forma spray sealant directly on the surface.
  4. Wipe the applied product using a microfiber towel with light pressure for swirl free results. Do not allow product to completely dry on the paint.
  5. Use a clean, Dry microfiber towel to ensure a streak-free finish.

Dilution Ratio: Ready to use

Product Description On Bottle

Forma spray sealant is an easy to use product that can be applied every one to two months or as needed after thoroughly washing the vehicle. This product is great for paint maintenance as it seals the paint to provide protection and make it easier to clean between applications. Our streak free formula ensures a slick and glossy finish every time.

Joe Metlow
Joe Metlow
Next Level Auto Detail
Justice, IL

6 comments on Initial Impressions: Forma Spray Sealant

  1. Eugene S. says:

    Thanks for your detailed review, Joe! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on longevity of the product in a few weeks.

    PS: On a daily basis, we have to refrain from trying to drink the sealant…that and the detail spray. 🙂

  2. Phil says:

    Excellent review and pics! Is overspray a concern? Is it ok to get on plastic/rubber/glass surfaces or does it stain?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hi Phil! You do not have to worry about staining plastic/rubber/glass I also talked with the manufacturer to confirm. Thanks for reading if you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

  3. Don Pavlica says:

    Unless I missed something my question is this. Should this sealant be used on cars that are protected?

    • Joe Metlow says:

      Hi Don, In the review above, I tested it as stand alone protection to see the stand alone capabilities. However like I stated above this product is excellent and ideal for maintaining and boosting your current wax or sealant protection that already exists. Rather that doing it as a dry application or using it as a drying aid after a wash. Either way it will boost and maintain your current protection, And I think that is where the product shines the most.

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