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Learn More About the Jescar Performance Cut Compound (PCC)!


Performance Cut Compound PCC

The Jescar Performance Cut Compound is a new and exciting compound designed for severe imperfection removal, while still finishing down extremely well. Jeff Silver of Jescar Finishing Products took some time to answer some of our questions about this new item and below you will find the questions and answers from Jeff. Give these a read and if you find yourself interested in this awesome new item, PCC is in stock and ready to ship!

Q: What inspired this new product?

The inspiration for Performance Cut Compound arose from a desire to continually challenge ourselves as a leading paint correction product brand first and foremost. We aimed at addressing the challenges faced by professionals and enthusiasts alike in achieving flawless paint finishes while increasing work efficiency. We set out to check multiple boxes in the compound sector that we felt were needed in the polishing market.

A compound with a great cutting ability that doesn’t leave the panel dusty. A compound that pushes the previous bar of cut to finish dynamic. Can we make it easier to wipe off? How do we increase, or better yet improve the balance of cutting ability in the working time of the pass? As if that’s already not enough, we wanted to figure out how to keep the surface cooler during the process.

After years of testing and R&D, we feel we have achieved a great representation of that goal.

Q: Can you tell us about the technology in this product?

The tech in this product is unique, however not necessarily all the elements. We’ve successfully achieved a combination of diminishing abrasives in formulated clusters with a formulation that exploits their unique properties. This allows for the product to display fantastic (quick) cutting ability, while allowing it to still break down in oscillation/rotation. This gives you the cut to finish dynamic.

Q: Customers with what range of paint conditions will want to grab this product?

That’s the beauty of Performance Cut. From harder to medium clear coats, Performance Cut can be paired with a multitude of pads, and still perform. The name we have chosen we believe accurately describes its abilities. It is a truly diverse compound, applicable to a wide variety of paint types, including fiberglass gelcoat.

Q: What is your typical application process with a polisher?

Nothing has really been altered in that regard. You can apply Performance Cut traditionally to your pad of choice in a conservative “pea sized” pattern evenly across the pad. Working time may be extended to fully break down the abrasive clusters, increasing the refinement of the initial cutting process. We’ve noticed this process being equally effective with wool pads and a wide variety of foam pads.

Q: Do I need to follow up with another polish? If yes, what are the most common pad and polish combos you would recommend?

We would recommend a follow up step in some cases after Performance Cut Compound. It is a heavier cutting compound after all, and we are serious advocates for flawless surface finishes. Ultimately Performance Cut will allow for the finishing step to be that much easier, and it pairs perfectly with our Fine and Micro Finishing Polish. For the final finishing step we recommend either our yellow (medium polishing pad) or our blue (finishing pad) depending on the density of the paint, of course.

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