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Maximizing Your Chemicals…Yet Another Use for ONR


As a professional detailer we are always looking for ways to improve our skill set and not have to buy a new product at the same time. Now if a new product is needed fine, however we want to use any product in multiple ways. Many of you know about the benefits of Optimum No Rinse (ONR) for washing, but I’ve found another use I’m willing to share, others are in development………

I use ONR with distilled water to reduce spotting and increase effectiveness of ONR. I mix 28 oz of water with 2 oz of ONR in a spray bottle. This is the same ratio I use for washing when I use a spray bottle. Use a low nap microfiber towel and spray this ratio onto the towel and wipe down your hard plastic interiors. That is correct ONR is a wonderful interior detailer, cleaner, and lint buster! The cleaning ability is pretty darn good for maintenance type cleanings. The detailer works nicely to pick up the dust, lint, and other matter your surfaces pick up. It leaves a matte finish that many people love. The best is ONR seems to really repel dust collection over time, its very low static state must be the key. If you get some on the glass, no worries like other cleaners that tend to streak the glass as you clean it. ONR works well as a window cleaner too, but I find the ratios need to be lower. Maybe I’ll post up an article on ONR and window cleaning?

ONR is a very versatile product and I love to find new ways to use it. Give it a try and report back your findings! I look forward to your responses on this.

Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

5 comments on Maximizing Your Chemicals…Yet Another Use for ONR

  1. bikas says:

    Can ONR be used as quik detailer too? I mean if I have car that’s dusty (2-3 days), can I just spray ONR and wipe it? Or is it better to get something like Poorboy’s spray and wipe.

  2. Greg Nichols says:

    You BET! The ratio for a QD is not as strong. I use 1oz/qt. While you can use it at the 2oz/qt I find its easier to wipe down.

    I spray the panel I want to QD, let is sit for a moment to encapsulate any dust, then lightly wipe, flip the towel and re wipe, done. The nice thing about ONR is it leaves behind a covering that adds some durability to your LSP.


  3. Justin says:

    Yup, ONR is incredible. So many uses.

    I like to add an ounce to my foam lance soap mix. (when not doing a straight ONR wash) Maybe it adds some lubiricty and gloss, maybe it doesnt. But its well worth the extra .30 cents per wash!

    As Greg noted, distilled water does make a performance difference. My whole house is filtered, so I benefit.

  4. Jim O. says:

    I put 4 oz ONR in a qt spray bottle and filled with DW. I use this on the running boards of our Expedition. It leaves a nice deep matte finish and isnt slippery!

  5. Marc Harris says:

    One of the great articles that sheds light on some great uses for a wonderful product and how it can be used more effectively to increase your results in a short amount of time while spending less money. Thanks Greg!

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