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New Detailing Products from SEMA [SEMA Show 2012]


SEMA 2012 flew by especially after our late start due to the Superstorm Sandy closing many airports. After we arrived we were pleased to see and hear more about some new products out now and coming soon. I’ll review highlights from some our favorite brands below.


Detailed Image's Greg with Dr. G of Optimum - SEMA Show 2012

Dr. G from Optimum is excited to introduce many new products to the detailing world. As always he has been working hard in the lab coming up with unique new products that are true game changers. A new version of Opti-Clean is one of the few products already in production so you can see it shortly! The other remaining new products are coming mostly in December but some may be here this November.


The original version helped you clean, shine and protect virtually any surface, so how did he make it better? This versatile product has gotten even better with stronger protection left behind and an improved uniform appearance with an eye catching shine! Use it on the paint, glass, wheels, metals, rubber, vinyl, plastic and so much more. It utilizes substansive polymers that encapsulate particles and make sure you can remove them safely while cleaning. Spray it on any surface directly or on a microfiber towel, wipe the area and you’re done! There is literally nothing like this on the market that can clean, shine and protect so many different surfaces with such ease.

Opti-Glass Coating

If you want protection for your glass that lasts twelve months or more, this product will be great for you. Moisture rolls off with ease so your glass is clean and clear for much longer. The application is relatively easy so just about anyone can apply it for exceptional protection against all of nature’s elements. Dr. G stated that this formula will not have wiper marks left behind even with repeated wiper usage.

Opti-Glass Pro Coating

This is very similar to the Opti-Glass Coating, but it’s even more durable. The Pro version will last 2 – 3 years but it’s more challenging to apply as it can start to cure within sixty seconds, therefore it must be spread thin and accurately. This should only be used by professional detailers.

Opti-Glass Clean and Protect Concentrate

Mix the solution with water and use it to clean and protect your exterior glass in one step. It does a great job of removing road grime and light build ups. At the same time it’s leaving behind a light coating of protection to help repel moisture and contaminants. It will dry streak free so you can see better in any condition. Use this as a stand alone product or as a maintenance product for the Opti-Glass Coatings and Opti-Glass Pro Coatings.

Optimum Opti-Glass Coating, Opti-Glass Pro Coating, and Opti-Glass Clean and Protect Concentration

Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax

Optimum will now offer a wash and wax product helping you clean your vehicle and leave some protection behind in one step. It’s combines some of the best parts of the ONR we all love and some excellent liquid carnauba wax. Just wash like normal and you’ll clean the entire exterior and protect it in one step.

Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax

Opti-Lens Coating

The same great properties used for Opti-Coat and Opti-Glass have been applied towards a coating system designed specifically for headlights. Headlights are made from a delicate plastic that tends to take a lot of abuse from road grime and they scratch easily while washing. Dr. G invented Opti-Lens Coating so you could preserve the headlights and tail lights in pristine condition. It will block out the harmful UV rays and all of nature’s harshest elements.

Opti-Lens Coating


Similar to a clay bar there is a fine and medium grade Opti-Eraser designed to help you clean your entire exterior. The foam block has uniquely designed surface that helps remove contaminants without marring the finish. Best of all this type of material rinses clean, where as a clay bar tends to hold on to contaminants. The fine grade is meant for vehicles with light build ups and the medium version is meant for vehicles with heavy build ups.

Optimum Opti-Eraser


Detailed Image at the SONAX booth with Bob from Flex at SEMA Show 2012

SONAX Fine Abrasive Paste 5/4 and SONAX Nano Polish 3/6

After a very long wait SONAX is very close to bringing some of their Profiline polishes to the US. SONAX is an incredibly large company from Germany that has many elite detailing supplies just making their way over to the US. The SONAX Profiline Nano Polish (aka 3/6) and SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste (aka 4/5) are expected in the US late November. These polishes are game changers with exceptional polishing power but finish down much better than anything SONAX has made available to the US thus far. SONAX Profiline Nano Polish is a fine polish used to achieve incredible levels of gloss while removing fine swirls and oxidation. For more serious correction check out the SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste, it has outstanding polishing power but again it finishes down incredibly well. These products will be added to shortly and we’ll have them ready to ship as soon as they hit the US.

SONAX Fine Abrasive 5/4 and SONAX Nano Polish 3/6

Polymer Netshield

This is a spray on aerosol product SONAX has been anxious to bring to the US. Usually I’m skeptical of the aerosol versions of most products so I can’t wait to give it a test.

SONAX Polymer Netshield

CockpitPfleger Red Summer

There is still debate over this item but it may be on it’s way to the US shortly. It’s an interior cleaner that is designed to leave a matte finish behind. The scent is very pleasant and a little should go a long way.

SONAX CockpitPfleger Red Summer

Chemical Guys

Detailed Image's Greg and Mike at the Chemical Guys booth with Dee, Paul, and Greg - SEMA Show 2012

Mr. Pink

A very cool new shampoo giving us thicker and more abundant suds. Use it in a foam gun/cannon or in a typical two bucket wash. As usual Chemical Guys makes it smell great and super easy to use. The new labels they are using look sharp and resist water too.

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink

All Clean +

This citrus based cleaner uses lime extract as it’s active cleaning ingredient. Use it to clean just about anything but it’s great on the exterior paint, rubber, vinyl, plastics, interiors and so much more. The solution can be diluted up to 10:1 for exterior cleanings and up to 20:1 on the interior.  A great all purpose cleaner that is highly effective.

Chemical Guys All Clean


This new wax sounds very promising, but it’s yet to be released. It’s a very soft wax that has a pudding like texture. The early tests have shown an outstanding gloss on darker finishes that we all crave. The slogan for this wax is “From the darkest of places…shines the brightest of lights”. The jar may get a slight tweak but this product is close to being in production. We can’t wait to get our hands on this new wax!

Chemical Guys Black

Grit Guard

Multicolored Grit Guards

These new colors are in production, but I’m not sure what colors we’ll pick up. We welcome your feedback on what you’d like to see. I like the different colors as it helps distinguish what bucket is for what purpose just not sure if we want them all.

Grit Guard Cushions and New Colors

Seat Cushion

A good idea for something you can put on top of your gamma seal bucket lid that is far more comfortable. You can also take this to a sporting event as a seat cushion for those tough bleacher seats. Again not sure if we’ll pick it up but I welcome your feedback.

So in conclusion you’re going to see many of these new and exciting items at DI shortly! If you want to see more pictures of the products we listed above check out our New Optimum and Chemical Guys Products post. Let us know what you’re most looking forward to seeing at DI and if you have any questions we’ll try to answer them for you.

November 8th, 2012 | SEMA

3 comments on New Detailing Products from SEMA [SEMA Show 2012]

  1. Ken Allwine says:

    I’m assuming the Opti-Lense Coating can be used as a top coating after restoring headlights using a UV cured hard coat (i.e. Presta ReNuLite)?

  2. Mark M detail says:

    Sounds exciting and looking forward to using the products.

  3. Appearance Plus Auto says:

    If possible, I would like to see black and/or orange grit guards carried.

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