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Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Decon


oberk 2in1 wheel cleaner iron decon

The Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Decon is a great product that offers a premium wheel cleaning experience when removing brake dust and iron deposits. I personally love that the formula is a bright green and slightly thicker than most wheel cleaners on the market, so it sticks to the surface of your wheels very well. You will notice it change from bright green to a deep red and minimal agitation is needed to clean the surface from dirt, grime, iron deposits, brake dust and more. The formula is also pH neutral, so it is safe for various wheel types and finishes.

The release of this product and early reviews were favorable, so I wanted to reach out to the one and only David Patterson of Oberk Car Care for some added information on this wheel cleaner.

DI: In one sentence, what makes the Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Remover different from other wheel cleaners or iron removers on the market.

David: Oberk 2 in 1 has a more pleasant odor than many iron removers on the market, as well as a clinging action to help clean vertical surfaces as well as a foaming action for better cleaning of regular road grime.

DI: Do you have any application tips?

David: We recommend applying the product to the surface dry, to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaner as well as make sure the product clings like intended.

DI: Any secret applications? (I have noticed people using it on the paint, tires, etc.)

David: It can and does work well for paint as well. But we really targeted more of a wheel cleaner with the thicker formula. We may release a thinner formula for that application.

See the Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Decon product page and check out the video below for more information.

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2 comments on Oberk 2 in 1 Wheel Cleaner Iron Decon

  1. Ryan says:

    Is this safe to use on ceramic coated wheels or will it strip the ceramic?


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