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Product Review: 22ple VR1 Plastic and Trim Restorer



There are a lot of products on the market geared toward dressing your trim and returning it to a nice dark finish again.  However, most dressing will only remain this way for a small period of time before the trim returns to the condition it was in before you applied the dressing.  This is where a product like 22ple VR1 Plastic and Trim Restorer is better suited.  I have used many trim coatings of various brands and find 22ple VR1 to be better suited for trim that is in good condition with only minor fading.  VR1 is safe for use on all types of plastic, and is formulated to provide roughly one (1) year of protection on the pieces it is applied to.

As with all my posts, here is the product description as provided on Detailed Images site.

Product Description

22ple VR1 will restore and protect your new or old plastic trim pieces with ease! Traditional trim products provide only a few weeks of protection and they can wash off or fade relatively quick. VR1 will protect your trim for well over a year and it will not streak or wash off right after! You will be amazed at how well it will rejuvenate your old trim pieces, but don’t forget it can help preserve brand new trim as well. Use it on any color trim and the surface will instantly have a deep rich color with an astonishing amount of protection. Like the rest of the 22ple products, a hardened high silica-content glass barrier will coat the surface protecting it from harmful everyday elements. This barrier will leave your trim pieces feeling slick and contaminates will wash off the surface safely and easily. You will be amazed at how much easier washing and drying your trim will be with this product applied! If you are looking for a product to rejuvenate and protect your plastic trim pieces, then 22ple VR1 is for you!


For this review I am going to applying 22ple VR1 on the trim pieces of a 2010 Volkswagen GTI.  The car was washed and chemically decon’d to receive a multi-stage paint correction and professional coating on the painted surfaces.  Applying a trim coating on your trim will always added that extra pop to set off the rest of the detail.  It is always the small things like properly doing trim pieces that can set your work above others.


This is a picture of the rear valance on the GTI after being cleaned.  Before this picture was taken I wiped the piece down with Einszett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Deep Cleaner on an all-purpose microfiber towel.  You want to be certain that the plastic is fully clean.  You will notice slight tiger striping on this piece, which is very common as plastic pieces begin to degrade.


I proceeded to apply 22ple VR1 using a 4″x4″ Carpro Suede  Microfiber folded in half, or you could use one of 22ple’s Double Sided Glass Coat Applicators.  I find it easier to use the suede applicators however.  You will apply a stripe of product across the applicator and begin applying the product.  You will want try and keep the application as even as possible and not overload some areas while under applying in other areas.

This photo shows just after applying the product and as you can see there is no longer any tiger striping present on the plastic.

This is another piece of trim on the driver side rocker panel of the same vehicle.  This piece is in better condition than the rear valance piece was.  It looked to be in good shape after being cleaned like the previous piece.

You can see that the piece is definitely glossier along with a deeper rich color of black.  22ple claims that after curing over a period of roughly five (5) days that the trim will continue to darken until it is fully cured.

If you’re looking to take your already immaculate car to the next level, pick up some 22ple VR1 Trim and Plastic Restorer and make your trim look just as good as your paint and keep it that way.

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

9 comments on Product Review: 22ple VR1 Plastic and Trim Restorer

  1. Bianca says:

    Beautiful pictures

  2. Mike G says:

    Nice write up. As always I am a fan of your work.

  3. Bob says:

    Great review, write up, and photos. I just saw an old thread on Autogeek reviewing many different trim dressing. No surprise that 22ple was among the top.

    Thanks again

  4. john gallardo says:


    • DetailGirl7 says:

      As he stated in another Ask a Pro, he said that if your trim is faded and chalky you will need to restore it with something kike solution finish which contains some sort of black dye although is not dye it is carbon. Then you could apply a trim coating to protect it from fading and discoloration from a longer period than perhaps black wow pro or CarPro PERL. So if your trim is really faded no trim coating is for you. They are two different products for espeficic situations. Hope that helps!

      • Kevin George says:

        Great response DetailGirl7! They are two completely different products in my opinion. I would say 22ple VR1 is more suited for enhanced protection then actual restoration of the trim, however it will bring some color back to the trim just not on the level that a product like Solution Finish does. What you decide to use should really be depend on the condition of the trim you will be applying it on.

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