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Product Review: Stoner Trim Shine Vinyl & Plastic Coating


Stoner Trim Shine finished shot

Looking for that product that makes your life a lot easier when dressing engine compartments?  I have tried quite a few of the aerosol trim dressing for this type of work and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with Stoner Trim Shine Vinyl & Plastic Coating.   It takes very little product to restore a nice deep rich shine to all the plastic and trim pieces in the engine compartment or other areas of the vehicle, and is pretty much effortless. Below are all of the great areas Trim Shine can be used, along with other information that you can find directly on the label for this item.

Trim Shine Vinyl and Plastic Coating is the fast and easy way to coat vinyl, plastic and other automotive surfaces. Trim Shine Vinyl and Plastic Coating quickly coats:

  • bumpers
  • dashboards
  • moldings
  • door gaskets
  • under-the-hood surfaces
  • trim strips
  • consoles
  • vinyl seats
  • hoses
  • vinyl tops
  • door panels
  • air vents
  • gear shift boots
  • and much more
  • Doesn’t run, drip or streak. Hides white hazing and wax marks on dark auto trim. Won’t harm glass, chrome, metals, or paint finishes.

Trim Shine Vinyl and Plastic Coating is so simple and easy to use, just spray and walk away.

  • The fast and easy way to give cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, and boats a like-new, showroom look.
  • Trim Shine Vinyl and Plastic Coating saves you time and effort. Requires no messy rubbing or wiping. No need to use cloths, wipes, or brushes.
  • Ideal for air dams, and other areas which are difficult or impossible to wipe.
  • Clear, colorless, non-corrosive, non-greasy, and long lasting. Safe to use on most materials, but always test first.

Here is a recent project I worked on where this product was used and provided excellent results in a very efficient manner.

Wheel wells, before being treated

I was performing a premium wheels off service on this 2016 Subaru WRX.  With the wheels removed it is easy to give the wheel wells a good cleaning and dress them with a product to keep them protected.  This photo shows the wheel well prior to being cleaned and dressed.

Wheel wells, after being treated

To clean the wheel wells, I actually like to use my Tornador Black with a 4:1 APC mixture. Spray onto the wheel well, let dwell, and just wipe it down with a damp All Purpose Microfiber Towel before rinsing. Once it is clean, a light coating was sprayed onto the plastic trim pieces within the wheel well, restoring a nice natural finish.  This is typically that most detailers would over look, however with minimal time invested it can take your work to the next level.

For application, you can pretty much just spray on and walk away. It will be dry to the touch in a fairly short period of time, however you can also spray it on and wipe it off if you are in a hurry during the application.

Engine compartment - before being treated

This is a before picture of the engine compartment prior to being cleaned.  While this is a fairly new car with lower miles on it, it does not take long for your engine compartment to become dirty.

Engine compartment - before being treated - second angle

Another before photo from a different angle.

Engine compartment - after being treated

I rinsed down the engine bay prior to spraying down with Meguiar’s Super Degreaser and used the EZ Detail Brushes for cleaning those hard to reach places. Once the engine was cleaned and dried, the coating was evenly applied and left to dry.  Stoner Trim Shine leave a nice glossy finish while not leaving a greasy surface like many dressing do.

Engine compartment - after being treated - second angle

Another thing to take note of, I usually apply Trim Shine prior to finishing up the remainder of the exterior as you will get over spray on other areas of the car. So this should not be the last thing you are doing, unless you do cover areas of the car around the area that you are spraying. I will typically spray the area to be covered, and then wipe the painted surfaces around that area with either CarPro Eraser or Meguiar’s Final Touch QD Spray.

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

6 comments on Product Review: Stoner Trim Shine Vinyl & Plastic Coating

  1. john g says:

    hi kevin…how does this compare to pure silicone spray???? i was told if it doesnt harm a styrofoam cup its safe to spray on engine parts and have been doing so for about 10 years but am all ways looking for something better. does this discolor or crack over time like clear laquer ? thanks for your time….john.

    • Kevin George says:

      John, while I know some use the pure silicone spray is an old trick of the trade I have never personally used it. I have not noticed any discoloring or cracking with this product. I have tried a bunch of these and this is the one I like using the most. Sorry for the delayed response.

  2. Ray Scott says:

    I prefer Chemical Guys Black to Black. I have used Stoners trim shine and I feel Black to Black lasts much longer with a more uniform coating. I use it in engine compartments and recently used it on a Avalanche truck with lots of vinyl in the rear. After a year it still looked good. Double the price but you pay for what you get.

    • Kevin George says:

      Ray, thanks for your input. I have used Chemical Guys and still do on occasion. Black on Black is also a very similar option and I usually have a can or two sitting around to use. I am going to be doing a comparison blog on these types of products in the next few months.

  3. David says:

    Nice article,

    Besides looks, does the product also protect rubber, like A/C and coolant hoses or it’s not made for that purpose?

  4. Steve says:

    Have you ever tried it on leather?

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