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Product Review: 3D ONE Hybrid Compound and Polish


As companies continue to improve and develop new ways to make paint correction easier, one-step corrections have certainly benefited from new technology. A product that can remove heavy imperfections and/or can finish down like a polish is something many of us find extremely useful. The ability to give a better one-step while increasing efficiency is key for those projects that require such an approach. A client of mine had a 1964 Porsche 356 that had been recently repainted and wanted it polished to improve the condition of the finish. Given the budget for polishing, a one-step was in order for this particular project. It was a great opportunity to give 3D ONE a try on this vintage Porsche.

3D ONE Hybrid Compound & Polish is designed as a water-based hybrid product that can be used as a compound or a polish depending on the type of pad or pads being used. As a compound, 3D ONE utilizes Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives to cut while minimizing hazing. The product is designed to work with both DA and Rotary polishers. In this instance, I used it with a Rupes Mark 2 LHR15 ES. Being a hybrid product that can do the work of both a compound and polish, I paired it with a medium foam pad for a one-step correction.

According to the directions, 3D recommends to use 4 to 5 drops when either cutting or polishing.

I used a speed of 4.5 with medium pressure and as the directions suggest, I worked an area of 2×2 while using slow overlapping motions. The first thing I noticed is that there is plenty of working time with 3D ONE. I worked the area for approximately a minute before stopping and checking the results. As pictured below, you can see how much product is still visible after 1 minute of working the product.

Once I did several passes with 3D ONE, working a 2×2 section and buffing with a clean microfiber towel, the results were impressive given how fast it worked to get those results using one pad.

The Porsche had some areas that had more than minor swirls and using the same approach, I worked a 2×2 area using medium pressure and slow overlapping motions. It worked extremely well at removing some pretty gnarly stuff. Again, working the section for about 1 minute with slow movements.

The correction can certainly be improved by doing more passes or changing to a wool pad or cutting pad, then following up with a polishing pad using 3D ONE. These results are a demonstration of how 3D ONE can work with a fast one-step approach. For a 2 step approach with protection, 3D ONE can be used with a wool or cutting pad for removing heavy swirls and scratches then following up with a polishing pad a 3D HD SPEED to remove haze, add gloss and protection. 3D ONE comes in the following sizes: 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz. and 128 oz.

3D ONE works best in shaded areas but can also work in areas where the sun is unavoidable. With a long working time and its ability to remove imperfections quickly, I found the product to be extremely useful on this particular project.

Mike Cardenas
Forza Detailing
Northeast Indiana
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6 comments on Product Review: 3D ONE Hybrid Compound and Polish

  1. Lil Detailer says:

    In my personal opinion, this product is not to be used as a one step. In fact, I noticed significant marring that was filled when used in that fashion. Teamed up with a blue lake country and used as such looks amazing, but wipe with IPA and uncover marring. It even says on the back of the bottle to be used as a two step type product, but to only change the pad, work in with wool or MF, then slap on finishing foam and break it down the rest of the way. When used only with a medium foam, it doesn’t break down properly and mars the paint. It is a powerful compound, but the title is misleading and I can see how people would use it as a one step product.

    • pdqgp says:

      I agree with Lil Detailer. 3D ONE is not my favorite product. I get what they were trying to do in keeping customers using one product/bottle and instead alter just the pad, but to me that’s silly. Give me a good one-step product like the Rupes UHS Polish or others.

      IMO when compounding the best cut and finish-out thus minimizing polishing is to pair CarPro ClearCut with a Purple/Blue wool on my gear driven Mille or 3401 polisher. From there just a couple passes with a light polish is all that’s needed to get perfection.

      So for now 3D ONE sits in my cabinet awaiting a trade.

    • Mike says:

      I have had no issues with it marring when used as a one step. I find that it cuts well and finishes out well without any marring after doing a prep wipe. It is going to vary depending on the paint. The issue I have with it is how many swipes with a towel it takes to remove the polishing residue. It definitely requires a prep wipe of some sort.

  2. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Pdqgp I wouldn’t mind trading something for your remaining3d One and I rarely trade anything. I like One. It even works for me in direct sunlight and high heat and remains easy to wipe off. I like to use it on minor imperfections with a Rupes yellow pad. If I need to step up I grab a Megs cutting Microfiber pad and knock out tougher imperfections. One is not perfect, I just use it when I want to buff out a hood or touch up something. I can remove deeper imperfections by using more pressure without stepping up to a more harsh polish. I think you know me over at Autopia so if you want to trade let me know.

    • pdqgp says:

      Thanks rlmccarty. We do know each other from there and Autogeek. On AG I have a different user name though. End of day, I’m keeping 3D ONE as I’m sure I’ll find a use fo it. As a stand alone product, etc. I’m still torn. I may mix it a bit with some older HD Adapt that I have a 32oz bottle of still. I think ONE may make it a bit easier to remove and give it a longer working time. We’ll see.

  3. Mike says:

    3D One works well in the right conditions (temp and humidity). I find that although it cuts well and tends to finish out well, that it takes more effort to remove the polish. By more effort I mean more swipes from the towel as it is a rather oily polish. It does work well as a one step on the paints I have worked on.

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