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Product Review: Rupes Big Foot Mini LHR 75E Deluxe Kit


Hey guys! Here is a little review on the Rupes Big Foot Mini LHR 75E Deluxe Kit. You can also check out the Product Review: Rupes Big Foot Mini LHR 75E article that was done by fellow AAP Blog author, Zach McGovern!

aowheels | Rupes 75

Deluxe 75 Kit Includes:

The Package:

The BigFoot Mini Package comes with a perfect combo!

A combo designed for the smaller sections of a vehicle. You get a quality machine, a super cool bag, a few 4″ foam pads, microfiber towels, apron, 250ml bottle of Zephir compound, and a 250ml bottle of Keramik polish.

The bag is really nice and has a strap to hold the 75 into place no matter where you take it. And also has plenty of room to fit pads and polishes safely in pouches inlaid in the interior of the bag. Just about everything you would need to do a quick spot check on the go or an entire detail! This package does come with 2x Rupes Blue and Yellow Foam Pads, but it does not come with the Rupes Microfiber cutting and finishing disc’s, so I would recommend grabbing a few!

The machine is really light and easy to work with due to the minimal vibration. Every time you set it down there is no need to worry about it tipping over due to the rubber mount support. It has a nice soft start once on, with optional speed settings. It is really comfortable to work with and has a long cord for easy over-the-shoulder-use.

Ease of use/uses:

This machine is soooooo smooth and incredibly powerful for knocking out isolated scratches, clusters of DA sand marks, edge and crease work, front and rear bumpers, lower rockers, wings, side mirrors, headlights, taillights, glass and so much more! I was unsure how well the machine would get in and around the extremely tight corners with the backing plate being so close to the housing. Once you feel how light and smooth this machine operates, it makes those extremely tight corners a pleasure to get to. I believe this is so because you really don’t have to add any pressure or hold the vibration still for the Big Foot Mini to be effective. The 12mm orbit and the sheer power is more than enough to get the job done without the use of adding weight behind each pass.

The backing plate will stay consistent while upping the speed without bogging down or hesitating. Even with a little added pressure you wont have to worry about a slow down in rotation. The 75 is like a Mazda Miata packing 500hp and rolls like a Cadillac! 😀 This 3″-4″ Rupes DA is much faster and safer on the paint than a traditional rotary, if inexperienced with machine polishing. It will absolutely destroy holograms, scratches, swirls, hard water stains/bird drop etching and any other imperfections in the paint with ease!


The BigFoot Mini is compatible with 3″ and 4″ pads. (MF cutting/finishing, Foam & Sanding disc’s)

Cutting/Finishing Disc’s: (Meg’s and Rupes) They’re incredibly popular and always amazing at producing results! The Rupes disc’s are extremely effective when used with the Rupes Gels (compound/polish), and the Meguiar’s disc’s work best with the Meguiar’s compounds/polishes, at least I have found.

Both Rupes and Meguiar’s cutting and finishing disc’s work utterly amazing with the 75. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. The fibers on the Rupes cutting and finishing disc’s are much shorter than the Meguiar’s cutting and finishing disc’s. They work amazingly more so because of the machine that they are strapped to and the BigFoot Mini is a perfect match for either or! Hands Down the best 3″-4″ DA to date!

Foam Pads: Rupes foam pads are of open cell technology. The air that’s being passed through the pad helps keep the pad and paint at a safe working temperature. Can we use other foam pad brands with the 75? Yes, of course but I would keep in mind that closed-cell pads will create more heat with the Rupes machine polishers. Rupes polishers offer such a large throw and tons of power. The friction and coverage by the Rupes polishers are un-matched. This is part of the reason for open cell pads. This kit comes with 2x Blue (coarse) cutting pads and 2x Yellow (med-cut) polishing pads.

Sanding: The BigFoot Mini can be used as a sander as well with sanding disc’s. The 75 would be great for the isolated deep scratches in the prep work.

aowheels | Rupes 75


In my opinion there is no comparison to Rupes Big Foot 75! Does it replace other 3″-4″ DA machines, no. Every tool has it’s purpose and use in every detail.

aowheels | Rupes 75

I highly recommend this tool to any clean car enthusiast!

I was able to test this machine twice before purchasing … what a tease that was! From the moment I clicked it on I was convinced! The amount of power you feel from such a small machine is insane! I’ve had this hankering to do an entire car with it because it is so much fun to use and it takes care if any isolated issues with ease and in short time. This is a very mobile kit and will get involved in every detail on a daily basis here at AOWheels!

You will certainly enjoy this machine more than this article! I completely understand and do still hope you enjoyed this review. Now, if you have not picked this machine up yet, don’t walk, run! And get your hands on one today! Detailing and paint refinement made fun!

Brian Guy
Brian Guy

6 comments on Product Review: Rupes Big Foot Mini LHR 75E Deluxe Kit

  1. Bruce Devilbiss says:

    Nice write up Brian. I have been thinking about one of these for some time now. You have convinced me that this will be my next major perches With in the next couple of days. don’t tell my wife. LOL

    • Brian Guy says:

      Thank You Bruce! Its a great investment and “time saver” in the 3″-4″ working areas. Time savers equals happy wife 🙂 I wont tell if you don’t tell!!

  2. felix says:

    great review on the mini i was very disappointed that when they were finally gonna go on sale that it was only going on sale as a kit i believe that most people that are on the market for a mini polisher will already own a da polisher that does the bulk of the work as this polisher is intended for the tighter smaller areas to get into with that being said i also would assume that they will already own compunds,polish, microfiber towels and everything else the kit comes with extra unfortunetly i was forced to wait till it was sold as the machine alone but i finally got it and i am very happy with it as it is a beast compared to my griots garage 3 in that is now moved to interior work with the brush attachment

  3. Lee says:

    Do you need to/is it possible to do the washer mod on this machine like the larger ones?


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