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Can I Use Products from Different Brands?


We get asked this question a lot, and for good reason. Manufacturers develop products to work best together and many create a system to have everything you need. These products will work great together, however, this does not mean that you MUST use one brands products only. It can, however, make it easy to get into detailing and seeing what to do in each situation with a  clear breakdown in one brand.

One of the hardest things to learn in detailing is that there is no one right way. You can get the same result in 50 different ways and often need to take different approaches depending on the circumstance of the vehicle. Because of this, it is best to look at products as how they work first, and the brand second.

Let’s get our Bob Ross on paint a picture for this:

You want to purchase a NanoSkin Wash Mitt instead of traditional clay, great choice it’s an amazing tool. Now you need something for the lubrication, do you buy the NanoSkin Glide? If you want, sure you can. But you could also buy a detail spray from; Poorboys World, Chemical Guys, Optimum, Meguiars, 303, almost any brand or even use just car shampoo and water. These will all work great for your needs as they all do the same thing, there are minor differences of course, as with all similar products, but if the product works for your needs, the brand is secondary.

This is the case for all products, (polishes, waxes, cleaners dressings, etc.) you can even mix and match products from the same brand. Such as using a more aggressive pad with a polish to get some more cut but maybe finish down better, see Zach’s Article for pairing pads and polishes.

So, remember, use what works for you. Now that may be products of all the same brand and that’s great, the OCD in me would love all my bottles to be the same! But you are not required to, use the correct type of product for the correct situation and the proper technique and you will get great results!

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17 comments on Can I Use Products from Different Brands?

  1. Ken Mayer says:

    What about things like coatings? I have CarPro CQuartz coatings on vehicles now and I have been using CarPro Reload over them periodically. I made the assumption that the chemistry of Reload was designed to work with CQuartz. I have also been using ECHo2 on those two vehicles as a drying agent. Do I just worry too much?
    For washes, I have been using CG Mr Pink (just because I have a lot of it) and CG or Meguiars stuff for paint correction. I kind of figured I am doing an alcohol wipe between the paint correction and the coating anyway, so whatever came before that doesn’t matter.

    • Ian says:


      Yes you can still use other brands. It may not work “as well” but I think the percentage difference would be almost unnoticeable for normal use. The main issue you would run into is warranty as it would “void” it. Whether or not those warranties are worth much is a topic for another day.

  2. rlmccarty2000 says:

    What you use to maintain your coating is important. If you use a shampoo with glossifers it can affect the way the coating behaves and may cause streaking. Using CarPro Reset to wash your coating is a good idea as it contains no glossifers and leaves your paint clean. You could also use a shampoo with SIO2 to maintain your coating and help it maintain its qualities for a longer period of time.

  3. Ray says:

    Companies will tell you to use there products only so, they make more money.Its all about the money!!!.

  4. Ron Ayotte says:

    I use a variety of products from different manufacturers, Griot’s, Meguair’s, Mothers, Sonax, CAR Products and others. Sometimes I use everything from one product line, sometimes it is “mix and match” based on what the vehicle needs. It’s all about what needs to be done to make the vehicle look its best and fro your client to say “wow”!

  5. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    How about soaps and detailer sprays? Can we mix 2 different products?

  6. Larry Jack says:

    Hi…I’ve read most comments on your site. I just want to do a good, solid engine detailing on my 2008 Bullitt especially the sound deadner cover under hood. However, I am apprehensive about this compartment. The Sound deadener cover under the hood seems dirty enough that a spray cleaner may not clean it / restore the black enough for my liking. Can I really leave the cover on and just spray it with your recommended product? Or should I remove it and then clean it while off the hood? I am worried the thorough soaking may make it too heavy and I’ll end up buying a new sound deadner pad! Thanks…

    • Ian says:


      For the sound deadener I would not get it wet. Treat it like a fabric and lightly spray a cleaner and wipe with a brush or towel. Unfortunately often you cannot clean these extremely well as the heat of the engine discolors it. However if you get it very wet it will likely begin to fall.

      • Ron Ayotte says:

        I always vacuum the sound deadener/hood pad first, then lightly spray it with an APC and wipe with one of my “grunge” microfibers.

      • David Pierce says:

        I personally spray with a degreaser and lightly pressure wash them from a distance and have never once had a issue unless they were already deteriorating. They come back to the black color and not faded and you can see the dirt and grime come out of them.

  7. Giuseppe says:

    Can I use Wolfgang sealant on top of Megurias #7 Polish?

      • Giuseppe says:

        Well, I asked that question because someone told me that because Megurias #7 contains lots of oils in order to give to the paint the “wet look,” not all waxes or sealants may adhere to the paint. Like I said, I use Megurias #7 as a polish, and then I seal the paint with the Wolfgang sealant.

  8. claudio says:

    can i use SONAX Premium Class Lesther Cleaner, and Autoglym Leather Care Balm conditioner?
    i can buy this two products with only 25euros

  9. Brian says:


    How can I tell if DiamondBrite has been applied to the paintwork and interior upholstery of a new car?

    • rlmccarty2000 says:

      Put a drop of water on it and see if it soaks into the upholstery, if it sinks in there is no protection. Normally protection only lasts a maximum of a year anyway.

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