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Product Review: Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam


Chemical Guys has a wide variety of soaps, but HoneyDew Snow Foam has to be one of my favorite.  This shampoo works great for traditional two bucket washing, or as I prefer to use it, in the DI Foam Lance (Be sure to check out my article on How to Implement a Foam Lance into your Wash Routine).

When you want the perfect shampoo for your foam gun or foam lance the Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam is a great choice. The close-grouping cleaning bubbles form a dense cluster of foam coating your vehicle top to bottom in suds. You’ll love the way the suds cling to the exterior and start breaking up contaminants instantly. It can help loosen and remove road grime, brake dust, industrial fall out, bug smear and so much more. Despite it’s strong cleaning power it’s actually a pH neutral formula that will not strip off any sealant or wax so it’s a great maintenance shampoo. It works extremely well in the Gilmour Foamaster II Foam Gun but the traditional two bucket method can utilize this shampoo as well. It can be diluted 1100:1 (water:shampoo) or simply use one cap full with a 5 gallon bucket for maximum value. There is no one right dilution ratio so feel free to try a richer concentration until it meets your needs. HoneyDew is known as a hyper-foaming shampoo because of it’s unique PPM (Parts Per Million) formula that produces millions of close-grouping bubbles. The blanket of foam this shampoo leaves behind is really like nothing you’ve seen before. On top of that the universally pleasant scent instantly brings a smile to your face the second you open the cap. Try the Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam today and you’ll love starting a foam party on your vehicle’s exterior.

When using this product in a foam lance, simply fill the reservoir with warm water, add 3-5oz of HoneyDew Snow Foam, and then mix the solution together.

ATD | Honeydew Snow Foam

HoneyDew Snow Foam easily produces thick, rich suds that will cling to your vehicle.

ATD | Honeydew Snow Foam

This shampoo has great cleaning power, but will not strip existing waxes or sealants and is pH neutral.  It smells amazing, and is a fantastic maintenance shampoo.

ATD | Honeydew Snow Foam

Snow Foam provides tons of lubrication for your wash mitt which will help to resist marring or scratches during the washing process.

ATD | Honeydew Snow Foam

If you’re looking for a versatile maintenance shampoo, HoneyDew Snow Foam is a great choice!

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

6 comments on Product Review: Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam

  1. Johnny Fehr says:

    Just bought this! Super excited to try it in my foam cannon!

  2. Bcook says:

    The soap is pretty good. Detail image has great prices. One problem I ran into when buying chemical guys products is if you have it for more than 30 days and something goes wrong they won’t help you out in anyway. Another good foam soap is snow foam from auto finesse.

    • Steve K. says:

      Thanks for the article Zach. Like BCook, CG Honey dew and Avalanche Snow Foam are my two favorites for the foam cannon. Amazing dwell time and cleaning ability.

  3. Marlene Wiegand says:

    Disappointed as it left soap rings.

    • Hi Marlene – sorry you had a bad experience. Unfortunately all soaps will leave spots/residue behind if used incorrectly. It seems that you probably left the soap to dry on the vehicle. If you’re using this product with a foam gun or lance, it is important to not let the product dwell long enough that it dries. You should be working out of direct sunlight on a cool surface, and rinse the entire vehicle very well after several minutes before the soap can dry on the surface. The vehicle should then be washed normally afterwards. Using this method, I have never seen any residual ‘soap rings’ from this shampoo. Hope you try it again with better results.

  4. shaun menard says:

    hello my name is shaunmenard can I get a sample I just got a detail shop and I would like to see how good this works my address is 260 sw applewood gln ftwhite florida 32038.. ty

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