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Initial Impressions: Hydrosilex Silica Soap


Proper maintenance is critical in ensuring you get the best performance out of your paint protection.  Washing and drying is the heart of any maintenance routine, and a quality shampoo is a very important part of the process.

Hydrosilex has developed a soap that was designed for routine maintenance with the added benefit of adding some short-term protection while you wash. As the name implies, this soap has been infused with silica, the same substance often found in quality coatings.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Soap

The HydroSilex Silica Soap is an aftercare shampoo that helps you clean and protect in one easy to use product! Washing with the Silica Soap adds incredible lubricity that encapsulates dirt and grime so you wash safer and more thoroughly. You’ll notice your wash mitt or sponge glides right across the paint safely removing dirt, dust, grime, and other contamination with ease… It is ideal for extending the life of your HydroSilex Recharge or ceramic coating already on your vehicle. Don’t limit this product to just your paint it helps clean and protect the paint, glass, plastic, wheels, calipers, wheel wells and more. So while you are washing it cleans and rejuvenates the surface that extends the life of any existing protection on the surface. You can also use this item as a stand-alone product for some short-term protection if desired. If you are looking to clean and protect, the HydroSilex Silica Soap is a great choice!

I opted to give this product a try in my foam lance. I filled the reservoir up with warm water, then poured in some of the Silica Soap. To be perfectly honest, I did not measure the exact amount of shampoo that I used, but I believe it was more than the recommended one ounce.

The foam that was produced was quite impressive. It was thick, shaving cream-like foam that stuck to the surface very well and provided ample dwell time. As you can see, I foamed the entire vehicle at once.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Soap

I then hand washed the vehicle, applying more foam as needed for proper lubrication. I worked in fairly large sections, washing an entire side before rinsing thoroughly. My wash mitt slid across the surface with ease, and the shampoo had a subtle, but nice scent. I was particularly interested in seeing if this shampoo would boost the hydrophobic properties on the lower part of the sides of my vehicle where the water beading was less than impressive.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Soap

Upon rinsing away the soap, I observed no change in water behavior on any part of the vehicle. Hydrosilex does not specifically state that this product will have any effect on the beading characteristics of a vehicle. However, given the general association of the word “protection” to incorporate some degree of water beading enhancement, it was my assumption that this soap may work similar to other silica shampoos like CarPro HydrO2 Foam and Gyeon Bathe Plus, both of which produce a very hydrophobic surface.

ZRM | Hydrosilex Soap

The end result was a nice, clean vehicle.  I tend to wash my cars in the evening, just before sunset, so I do not have to battle direct sunlight and the many issues that can arise when washing a hot car. In this case, I observed no soap residue, the vehicle rinsed clean without any added effort.  I also saw no streaking or spotting, which is something that some other silica soaps have been prone to in my experience. The soap worked very nicely in both my wash bucket and in my foam lance.  It provided plenty of lubrication and seemed to tackle the dirty job with ease.  While I wish Hydrosilex Silica Soap had provided a boost in hydrophobic properties, it was a very easy product to work with and therefore seems like a great option for routine maintenance of coated and non-coated vehicles.

Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

2 comments on Initial Impressions: Hydrosilex Silica Soap

  1. First review I have seen on this.. I got it too super foamy. Do you know if this soap has a high PH to help clean the coated surface better? Love the smell too

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