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Product Review: Detailed Image Waffle Weave Drying Towel


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This statement could never be more true when it comes to detailing products. And especially the DI Accessories Waffle Weave Microfiber towel.

When I first received this towel about a year ago in an order, I was very skeptical about it’s capabilities. It had a “sticky” kind of texture to it. I can’t quite put in to words what I was feeling that day, but I was skeptical. The first few cars it was a bit hard to dry. Get this: it was soaking up SO much water, it was like running a dry towel across dry paint, causing slight marring of soft black paint. So what I did for the first few times was spray some Optimum No Rinse (diluted for quick detailer) on the panel, and would dry.

But then the true beauty of this towel shined through: longevity of use. As a professional detailer, I’m using the same towels over and over and over again. Especially drying towels. My 6 DI Waffle Weave towels get washed usually once a week! So there was no way around conserving the length of the towels, since the washer and dryer I use used to have fabric softener go through it. But no fear, the DI Waffle Weave microfiber was here to stay. Unlike the three other brands of Waffle Weave microfibers I have used in the past, this one reached a certain “plateau” with how much water it would soak up, no matter how many times I use it and wash it. Other microfibers would be so caked in with fabric softener–just from normal use, not even me adding it to the load–that they would actually bead water, instead of soak it up!

So what does this all mean? After at least 40 washes, if not more, these towels still soak up water the same as they did in week two. They don’t catch all the water on the first swipe, but by flipping the towel over, and going for a second swipe, I can dry a hood, roof, trunk, one whole side of a car, in 4 swipes of the towel! One towel is completely sufficient for me to dry an entire car, and all of the door/trunk/hood jambs as well.

This towel seems to have the best of both worlds: safety of a Waffle Weave Microfiber (after a few washes–the marring I spoke of above had stopped), with the longevity of a chamois.

My suggestion: Once you get the towels, run them through a wash cycle once or twice on hot, and then dry them with no heat. After this, enjoy the microfibers for years to come!

In short, I’ve continually bought more and more of this towel, and the ones from a year ago do just as good as the ones I bought a week ago. This is by far one of the best microfibers I’ve come across.

1 comment on Product Review: Detailed Image Waffle Weave Drying Towel

  1. Albert says:

    I’ve used this towel most weekends for over a year. Excellent quality, great absorbency, perfect size. Has endured repeated washings (with microfiber detergent) and still looks and performs very well. This is my favorite towel for drying.

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