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Product Review: DI Brushes Lambs Wool Duster


aowheels | DI duster

The DI Lambs Wool Duster is a must have in the detailing arsenal. The DI Lambs Wool Duster can be used for almost every detailing job and everything in between. This is by far one of my favorite tools in the Orlando based garage of mine and I could not do without it.

This duster is 18″ long and it is packed with very soft & delicate lambs wool, which allows it to pick up and collect dust quickly, effectively and safely. It has a very sturdy plastic handle that allows for a great reach and the loop at the end of the handle allows you to be able to hang and store your duster when you are not using it. I would keep the plastic sleeve it comes wrapped in and slip it back in when storing away to help keep it clean.

I personally have the most use for it while I’m in the process of correcting the paint. As we all know a little bit of dust gets kicked up from polishing steps and this duster is great for keeping your working area clean and dust free in between passes. It also posses less of a risk of marring your paint work and will keep the dust from getting into your towels being used (I really dislike getting dust in my towels!).

Once a vehicle has been finished and the paint work is at it’s best, the DI Duster is perfect for keeping it completely dust free. The long and gentle wool strands of the duster will not scratch or marr the finish and it’s just simply a much better option than the continuous wipes with microfiber towels or even compressed air. Larger bits of grit can get in-tangled in this duster, so be sure to take care of it. Be sure to properly store your duster when not using and give it a quick inspection before use. You may also want to have one for interior dusting and one for exterior dusting. Yep, it is also great for interior dusting! 🙂

The 18″ inches of extra reach makes it easy to get the entire vehicle, even the roof. The Duster is so soft it can easily pull dust from the smallest of cracks, like between the side mirrors, grills etc. No pressure is needed while dusting as the primary purpose would be to keep a clean car cleaner. Avoid getting it wet and also don’t allow any cleansing products to get into it. You really want to keep it in like new condition at all times. Once done using it for the day you could take it outside or away from the vehicle and give it a little shake. If you think you may have a lot of dust clinging to it you could take some compressed air over it to clean it out.

As far as pros & cons go for this tool, I can think of tons of uses for it and many ways it is helpful in car care. I cannot think of one single bad thing to say about this duster, it’s perfect in every way!

  • If you have an already clean car out at a car show, this is for you!
  • If you just had your vehicle detailed by a professional, this is for you!
  • If you’re a professional detailer, this is for you!
  • If your car collection gets a little dusty, this is for you!

You get the drift, this tool is for everybody and when I say that, I mean everybody. If you want to dust your china cabinet, shelves, and other household items this duster is also for you!

If the vehicle has an excessive amount of dust & road dirt built up, it is always best to wash the vehicle first. If you get to much dirt build up in the wool strands you will run a higher risk of scratching the paint. Just something to keep in mind, as this duster is not meant to clean the car after a day of driving. It is more so to keep the vehicle looking it’s best after it’s been cleaned, or during the course of machine polishing for the detailers. This Duster should always avoid dirt at all cost!

If you do not have a DI Brushes Lambs Wool Duster, get one! I can guarantee if you have OCD issues about car care, you will need this in your life. A final dusting before the client arrives for pick up has never been so easy and they act as great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season as well!

Brian Guy
Brian Guy

6 comments on Product Review: DI Brushes Lambs Wool Duster

  1. I have one and absolutely love it. Next order, I will end up buying 10+ so we can offer them to clients here in Atlanta.

    Great read Brian.

  2. Chris Waring says:

    It has always been a constant in the detailing world that products like the California Car Duster are a big no-no. Is this different due to the material and/or the ease of cleaning it to remove accumulated dust/dirt?


    • Brian Guy says:

      Chris, Yes! This is a much safer duster than the California duster. IMO. And yes, I agree with the 2nd question. The lambs wool material does not have anywhere to trap the dirt. In some cases with excessive compound dust. (example) It acts more like a broom, being able to push the dust off (or to the side) safely without scratching or marring the paint.

      I use this Duster Every Single Day!

      Brian Guy

  3. Josh G says:

    How long would you say the life is on a product such as this? Obviously that would depend on storage conditions and your purpose for the suster/how often you use it; but assuming perfect use/storage (after wash, air cleaning afterward, and stored inside the plastic sleeve) how long do you find these to last?

    Perhaps a more appropriate question would be “what metric do you use to know when it needs replacing.”

    • Brian Guy says:

      Josh, I’m not sure yet to be honest. The very first one I picked up is still in great shape and I still use it often. I imagine if its well cared for it will last as a permanent tool in the arsenal.

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